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Young Dicks Smell!

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My first wank with a mate


When I was just gone thirteen, I stayed at my best mate's house before we went on a scout camp. We stayed in his bedroom, him on his bed, me on a camp bed about five feet from him and parallel to him. I had been wanking for about six months, I think, and he was into puberty, too.

Once we were in bed for the night, I got hard immediately. I was in his sleeping bag and it smelt of him, he had smelly feet and the smell lingered in the bag. I liked it. My uncut dick was the length of a pen then (20x14cm now!), the skin still quite tight round my helmet and VERY sensitive once rolled back over the head. We talked about stuff, but not sex. He had a mini TV which was on, and once it got a bit later, he asked me to switch it off. That meant getting out of my bed and I wasn't sure if that was a good idea as I had a raging boner and although I liked the idea of seeing his dick, I wasn't sure that now was the time to let him see mine!

Anyway, I was wearing tight underwear and we argued about who should switch off the TV. The more I thought about it, the more the idea of letting him see my bulging packet excited me, so once I had adjusted myself so that my little dick was pointing upwards and making sure the helmet wasn't poking over the top, I got out of the sleeping bag and half-crouched as I went to the TV. It wasn't that dark in the room and I could see he was watching me. I got back into the bag and lay back, happy that I could now have a wank, as there was even less light now the TV was off.

I pulled down my briefs and as I let go of the elasticated waistband, it made a recognisable snapping sound as it hit the tops of my legs. He said he'd heard that and knew what I was about to do. That sort of broke the ice and I admitted that I was about to wank and that I needed to as I did every night (and morning, and when I came in from school, and after tea!) He said he had already spunked and that was why he didn't want to get out of bed before as although he had shot onto a cotton handkerchief, he knew some of his young cum had gone over his PJ's and they would have a tell-tale wet patch on them.

He then threw something white over onto my bed and I knew right away that it was his wank-rag. He probably thought he was being helpful, but I nearly spunked straight away when I held it and smelt it. I turned on my side away from him so he couldn't see me sniffing it as I beat myself off. It took about ten seconds for me to shoot my young load into his sleeping bag as I smelt and tasted his bleachy spunk.

His father came into the room shortly after and kissed us both goodnight. He opened the window saying it smelt pretty bad in here. I wanked a few times during the night, still sniffing my best mate's semen and knowing I was going to leave stains in his bag for him to hopefully discover and wank off to.



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