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It Didn't Stop At The Cabin

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A few weeks ago I told you about the first experience at my friends cabin, it's gotten hotter ever since.


My friend and I had been messing around for a while. We'd seen each other naked and touched each other for fun but eventually finally decided that we wanted to get down to something really exciting. This story has two parts because this happened over the course of two nights, a few weeks apart.

The first event was while we were both on a trip with a youth group we were involved in. The group travels to lower income areas to do service projects and we stay in an old boarding house. Essentially, there are multiple rooms that all contain 4 sets of bunk beds. Because our group was small, the room ended up being me, my friend and two other members of the group. (One of them was my brother.) I took a top bunk and so did my friend, the other two boys took bottom bunks. This was going to make things easy, right up until my friend decided a bottom bunk would be cooler, not thinking that it would put a damper on our activity. Needless to say, being two horny teens we didn't let that stop us.

After a long day of working everyone in the group seemed to want to crash early. We all headed to our respective bunks but my friend and I stayed up a bit later. After a few short texts, we both knew that we wanted to have fun with each other, but how? on different levels it wouldn't be easy. We decided to take turns getting up to "go to the bathroom" and on the way by, reach over and play with the others, at this point, rock hard cock.

He went first, stood up, found my dick and gave it a few tugs on his way out the door and did the same on his way back in. A few minutes later, I tossed my feet off the side and reached one foot over to his crotch, feeling up his gorgeously hard cock and aching balls with my toes. I left for the bathroom, pretended to pee an came back a moment later. I reached into his bed. He took my hand (it was dark) and guided me to his dick. At this point I didn't even care, I stayed and played with his dick for at least 5 minutes if not longer, he all the while playing with mine, his hand down my shorts tugging on my cock.

The only reason we stopped was someone shifted in the bed next to his and we did not want to get caught. So that night ended with us getting ourselves off in our own beds. But then...

A few weeks later I went back to his cabin. Plans were made, I was staying the night. We talked all day about what would happen and long story short decided we were both down for anything since we'd have a room to ourselves, no interruptions.

When it was finally bed time for everyone, I settled into the couch and everyone else into their perspective bed rooms. A few minutes after snores started to come from behind every other door, my friend txtd me and so, we began. I walked in, he was completely naked scrolling through tumblr laying on the bed, I dropped boxers and hopped in. We immediately started working on each others rock hard cocks. With my other hand I searched his entire body. I rubbed lightly over his hole which made him moan. I juggled his balls, rubbed his chest and even ran my fingers through his lightly groomed bush. He all along doing the same to me, almost imitating my every move.

When he whispered to me he was getting close, I decided to give him a little more than he bargained for. I got closer to him and without even thinking about it started to lick his rock hard cock. Then, I proceeded to swallow the entire thing. Before I knew it, my mouth was filling with something more than just his warm flesh. Afterwards, he proceeded to help me finish and I then returned to my couch.

Since then, we've been talking about what's next...



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