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What it took to Masturbate a Cut Boy.

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When I found out what a circumcised penis was I was shocked to see that his foreskin was missing. How could that happen, well read below to see what

I did back then.


I was moving to another country that did something to boys that I had never seen before. Circumcision. Yes I was so lucky not to have my foreskin removed when I was a baby. All of my friends had the same pecker as me. Some had long foreskins and some had short nib foreskins but I had never seen a boy with his foreskin missing until I arrived in North America.

He was my new friend Chuck. he was always trying to check my little boy tube out, every time he came over for a sleep over. I was just getting over my long trip to the states and we had just moved into our new house. Chuck lived next door. He was a cute looking boy. Blonde hair and green eyes. I had black hair and brown eyes. Anyway after a week of settling in to our new life in the states I was asked to go to Chuck's house for a sleep over as my parents and his parents were heading out for the night and I was staying at Chuck's house for the night.

I had never seen the boys in our school showers as it was summer then so I would get to see lots of naked boys when I attended school after summer break. So this would be the first time I would get to check out a circumcised boy.

Chuck had seen a boy with a foreskin when he was in cub scouts. He was from Canada.

So after we ate dinner and watched a few videos we decided to go to his room and get ready for bed. We took off our clothes and just stayed in our white briefs. Then Chuck started to talk about the boys he made friends with at middle school and told me we would be showering together in the nude in high school.

I had showered before with my chums at the local indoor pool so that was nothing new to me. I spotted Chuck's tent in his briefs and said he was getting lots of boners and asked if I also got boners all the time. I nodded my head saying my mum saw me with a boner one time and I got embarrassed as it just popped up and made my briefs tent outwards. Dad just chuckled.

"Can I see it." Chuck asked me. "See what.'I replied. "Your boner and I will show you my boner." Chuck giggled. Never in my young life has anyone seen me naked with a hard on until that night. Chuck said we should drop our undies at the same time. We did and that is when I swallowed seeing a pink naked tip pointing outwards. Chuck did the once over seeing that I was not circumcised and made a remark about my covered wiener as he called it.

"Circumcised, what's circumcised."I gulped. 'This is circumcised, my wiener has its skin missing." Chuck explained as he held onto his wiener and showed me his scar around his shaft. I was gobsmacked. How and why his foreskin was missing was hard to understand at first. Chuck explained how his foreskin was removed and why!!!!

My uncut dick was pumping blood as I watched Chuck play with his wiener and made it hard between his fingers. I knew about masturbation at school but never ever had the chance to jerk off with another boy. Now it was going to change as Chuck wanted to dock with me. I never heard about this docking thing until Chuck told me how he had done it when he went to Canada that last year on a scouting trip. I was shocked that another boy could shove his wiener into
another boys foreskin.

"So do you want to dock wieners together and cum into it. "Cum." "Yes sperm, you know the white stuff that comes out of your wiener when you play with it." Chuck explained to me. I gasped as I checked this pink cherry helmet that was going to be shoved into my foreskin. "Ok but I'm not sure as it might hurt." I groaned.

"It will be ok T.J. I did this to an older boy and he said his foreskin will stretch over my wiener head he giggled. Chuck had me pull my foreskin back and he aimed his cut head towards my wiener and then covered his pink tip with my wet hood.

"Oh god, you got it inside my hood and it feels awesome." I panted as Chuck started to jerk us off. In minutes we were both panting like dogs as I stabbed my wiener into chucks as he held tight onto my foreskin until he said he was about to squirt his cums. I felt like I was going to blow my load and then I felt warm goo fill my foreskin and then I shot my load and cum flew out of the joined wieners and Chuck laughed his head off as I gasped for air seeing loads of off white cum dribble out of my foreskin.

After cleaning our wieners Chuck thanked me and said we have to do this again real soon like. So that is what we did until he moved away. I was sorry to see him move but I did find another boy who loved boys with foreskins at our local high school and continued to dock for over four years.

So that is how I found out about circumcised boys.




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