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Dorm Room Antics

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Another fictional story about two friends in college, and how a round of phone sex turned into open masturbation between them.

Back when I was in college, I was lucky enough to have a dorm mate that I got along with. Too many times people get stuck with someone whose interests are the complete opposite of yours, but we blended pretty well from the start. We really didn't bicker about anything and shared the same viewpoints on most things, which included masturbation. Not that we did it openly in front of each other; we might hear each other late at night or mention we were going to do it when the other was stepping out of going to class, but it's not like we just pulled it out and started jerking off right in front of the other.


That is, until one day. 


It was on a Saturday morning and I just couldn't sleep. For whatever reason I was wide awake at 5:30 and no matter how much I tossed and turned I could not drift off. Eventually I decided I might as well do something productive, so I threw some clothes on and headed to the gym area to get a little bit of a workout done. Nothing much; just hitting a few machines, jogging for a bit and riding one of the bikes. I was gone for probably about an hour, and by the time I got back he had just started to rise. I told him I was going to go jump in the shower, so I stripped down, pulled on my robe and flip flops and headed to the shower area (we didn't have an issue seeing each other naked, either). About 20 minutes or so had passed of standing under the cool water, and when I headed back he was awake, lying in bed in just his boxers on his phone. Not thinking much about it, I just plopped back down in bed, still in my robe, and started messing around on my phone as well.

I could tell by the way he was talking it was with his girlfriend. Without getting into all kinds of details, the conversation had started to turn steamy and it wasn't long before he had a tent in his boxers. It was this way for a couple of minutes before he said, "Yeah, I will if you will...ok...now." With that, he lifted up and pulled off his boxers, leaving him completely naked with a rock-hard cock. He looked to be about average length, maybe a little bigger than me with a deep purple head and a straight shaft.

At first he was just tugging at his pubic hair but eventually wrapped his fingers around himself and slowly started stroking. "Are you alone right now? Yeah, me neither..." Without hearing her response, it sounded like she had gotten bare in front of her roomie as well. "Are you gonna? *pause* Oh yeah, I already am. *another pause* "Oh I don't care, I'm not shy." Apparently, she brought up him masturbating in front of me. I tried to keep my attention on my phone to give him a little bit of privacy, but I couldn't help but glance over from time to time. With his eyes closed he was breathing hard and now had a steady stroke going. "Mmm yeah...this feels so good...just wish you were here with me." By this point my robe had slightly fallen open and my hard cock had come into view. I didn't want to just start stroking myself with him going at it right there, so I just pushed it down and rubbed it against my thigh, which felt amazing in it's own right.

Looking over, his knees were spread apart, and he had picked up his pace, going from light masturbation to full-blown jerking-off. "Oh yeah, jerking so hard to you...you fucking yourself? Ooh, the blue one? Mmmm, slide it all the way in..." Thinking about her lying there naked with an audience, fucking herself with a vibrator was pushing me over the edge. I slowly undid the tie on my robe, letting it open all the way, completely exposing me. Staring at the ceiling I ran my fingers back and forth against the underside of my shaft, trying to resist the urge to jack off. Every word I could hear was like coming through a bullhorn. "I'm getting close, how about you? Hurry baby, I can't last much longer...oh I wish I was there to pump this cum deep in your pussy."

Now I had a stream of precum leaking out, dropping onto my belly with the string still attached to my piss hole. "Oh baby, I can't hold it, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum...oh, oh...ohhhhh..." With that, thick jets of cum shot from his cock all over his chest, one glob making it to his shoulder. He laid there breathing hard with his mouth hung open as he kept stroking; the rest of his load dribbling out as his orgasm trailed off.



He lay there for a few seconds before asking, "Did you cum too? *pause* Yeah, that's my girl...did she see it all?" He chuckled and said, "Maybe next time she'll join in." After another short pause, he glanced over at me and said, "I don't know, maybe. Certainly looks ready to me." My heart nearly jumped out of my chest at that one. "I better get off here...this cum's getting cold. Wanna do it again some time? *pause* Mmm...I like that...ok baby, talk soon."

After he hung up, he relaxed in the bed, saying, "Oh fuck yeah...that felt so fucking good." "I bet...definitely looked like it." I had my thumb hooked around my cock with my fingers pulling on my balls, now looking over at him. "So...what did you tell her I looked ready for?" I felt like I already knew the answer. "After I said her friend might join her she said we should jerk off together, too. You're hard, so I figured you probably wanted to jerk off," saying that as he grabbed his dirty boxers and wiped off his cum before tossing them on the floor. "Well...I kind of need to..." "Go ahead; wouldn't be fair to get blue balls when I just came." "You sure?" "Why not? Not like you didn't just watch me." I didn't need to be told twice. I got up and took off my robe, hanging it up before I fell back into bed, grabbed myself and slowly started stroking. "You know...I should call her back and tell her you're jerking off in front of me. Might push her a little further." I kind of shrugged and told him, "Well, if you want to," not really thinking he would do it. But he did. "Hey baby, guess what...he's doing it. What do you mean 'doing what?' He's masturbating. Oh yeah, right in front of me...yep, naked...no, I'm still naked too."

They chatted back and forth for a few seconds before he asked me, "How big do you think you are?" That caught me a little off guard. "I dunno...about five and a half...maybe a little more..." "Five and a half. Little less than mine." I almost felt drunk as he kept giving her the play-by-play of my masturbation. "He's precumming all over...must be getting closer. His toes are wiggling like crazy." My mouth was open as I stroked hard and fast, completely lost in masturbating. I don't even know what was said for the next couple of minutes; I just know I eventually mumbled out, "I'm gonna cum...gonna cum..." "Babe, he's gonna cum!" With that my feet pointed forward, my toes spread wide and l pointed my penis up as a rope of cum shot about a foot in the air before splashing down in my pubes and my hand. "Babe, he just came...yeah, all over himself." I kept stroking as more kept rolling out. It felt so good it was almost like I was going to have a second orgasm. I had never cum twice in a row before, but I couldn't help but to keep going. "Oh shit, he's still jerking...yeah, I think he's trying to cum again..." I went on for about another minute or so before another thick shot of cum flew out onto my belly, this time causing me to moan loudly. "Did you hear that, baby? Second orgasm!"

Seconds later I was melting into my mattress, trying to catch my breath. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. "Damn I wish you could have seen that...that was wild. I think I could go again, too...yeah ok, if I do I'll tell you about it later. Love you, babe." "She had to go, but damn I'm horny again. How did you cum again so fast?" "I dunno...I've never done that before. Just needed it, I guess." 



I glanced over at him and saw that he was sitting on the edge of his bed had again and slowly stroking himself. I laughed and said "is this what we're going to do? Masturbate all day?" "Might as well, isn't shit to do otherwise," as he picked up his pace and leaned back on his elbow. When I could get up I grabbed my wet towel and cleaned up all my cum, then got back in bed and watched as he masturbated for the second time. This time we both stayed quiet, just focusing on his masturbation. He kept going for maybe 10 minutes or so before he groaned that he was getting close. He lifted his legs in the air and his toes pulled back as he pumped harder, inching closer to that glorious cum. Soon after, his eyes closed tight, and his second load shot out, his toes now curling and the soles of his feet scrunched up. It looked like this one felt even better than his first as he rapidly stroked out every last drop. When it was over he quickly relaxed, dropping his legs and his bare feet slapping against the tile floor. "Feel better?" "Yeah" he said, breathing hard. "That felt amazing...I need a nap now." "Yeah, me too. That wore me out." With that he just scooted back up into bed and pulled the sheet over himself, not even worrying about cleaning up the cum. I just rolled into my side and drifted off, and we were both out for about another two hours. 



After we both woke back up, we didn't masturbate 'all day', but we did just hang around the room naked, masturbating once more, but that time doing it mutually. It was a little different watching each other masturbate at the same time, but damn it felt good. And no, it was not the end of our mutual masturbation. 




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