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Speedo Duo

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A remake of one of my previous stories. A story of two boys and their love of swim briefs.


Sydney is a beautiful Australian city with beaches of gold and blue and attractive guys and girls of all ages. There are many beaches that provide amazing views, especially the world-famous Bondi Beach, where the first part of this story takes place. When I was 16 years old, I went to Bondi Beach most weekends with my friend Andy. I am Asian with short black hair, Andy is fair-skinned with short blonde hair. We were nippers at Bondi, about to graduate into full time surf livesavers. A 'nipper' is a term used for young surf lifesavers in Australia. They don't do any serious lifesaving, but instead learn the basics of safety at the beach and participate in lots of fun activities. The boys wore speedos and the girls wore one-pieces during our nipper meets. If the weather was cool, some kids might have worn rash shirts. Our swimwear was coloured red, though other groups had different colours.

One of the activities that I loved to do was Beach Flags. In this activity, thin poles were stuck in the sand and we lay on the sand 20 metres away, stomach down, with our heads turned away from the poles. When our instructor blew his whistle, we would hop off the sand and sprint to the poles, hoping to grab one of them. In each round, there is always one less pole than the number of people, so one person is eliminated every round. After many rounds, there is only one pole stuck in the sand and two people racing to get it. On this hot January sunny day, it was me and Andy as the final two boys. We took our positions in the sand and smiled at each other, whispering ''good luck, mate'' quietly. The whistle blew and we were off! I took the early lead in the first 10 metres, but could feel Andy right behind me. With only a few metres left I dived for the pole, but Andy had managed to just sneak up on me and he got it first!

We both dived for the pole at the same time, with Andy's hand quickly taking the pole inches from my hand. Due to the competitiveness between us, our bodies stuck to each other as we dived for the pole. Our chests bumped as we rolled over in the sand. As we continued to roll, sand was sticking to our young, sweaty bodies. After a few seconds, we stopped rolling and Andy was directly over my face, saying 'got it' and panting. I was disappointed in losing and didn't notice at first that Andy's legs were on top of mine, and our bulges were just centimetres away from each other. Then, Andy fell on top of me, exhausted, and as his bulge touched mine, I got a funny feeling inside me that caused my penis to erect.

Slightly embarrassed, I quickly got up and walked over to the rest of the nippers, with Andy following right behind me. The other kids congratulated us on a good run and we walked away from the water towards the footpath. We went inside the surf lifesaving club building to get some drinks and headed to the change rooms. The beach flags activity was our last for the day, and we were free to go home. Andy and I sat down to chat while the other boys quickly got changed and left. Soon it was just the two of us in the boy's change room. Andy suddenly said to me ''Hey, saw your boner in your speedo when we finished the flags'', gently elbowing my ribs. ''Yeah, whatever,'' I replied quickly, trying to sound less embarrassed then what I was feeling.

''I did see it!'' Andy said, nudging me again. Due to his persistence, I admitted that I did have a boner after colliding with him. ''Hey, don't worry. We all get one sometimes,'' he said proudly, pointing to the bulge in his red speedos. We weren't fully erect but the bulges in our speedos were noticeable. We started to talk about boners in general and we both agreed that they felt great in speedos, though not so great to be seen with one in public. ''Hey, we should go soon. Want to jerk off quickly?'' I blurted out, since the conversation was turning me on.

At first, Andy looked at me with a blank expression on his face, so I started to wonder whether that had been the right thing to say. However, my fear soon subsided when he smiled and stood up. ''Should we jerk off on our own or with each other?'' I had never masturbated with another boy, so I suggested to do it with each other. We stood up on the concrete floor of the Bondi Beach boys change rooms, with just our red speedos on. We stood back to back, our bodies close to each other. Andy, who was taller than me, stood behind me.

''Hey Andy, reach into my speedos and jerk my dick,'' I instructed him. ''Yeah, cool, but what about my dick?'' Andy asked. ''You can hump my butt!'' I suggested and Andy quickly agreed. Quickly, we moved to a hidden corner of the change room in case anyone came in and began our plan. Andy's front got really close up to my back, his bulge touching the top of my butt. Slowly, he reached around me with his right hand, slipped it inside my red speedo and untied the knot, feeling the fabric loosen. His fingers excitedly ran across my smooth dick and short pubic hair at the base of dick. My penis began spurting out pre-cum as I was being touched by another boy for the first time.

He began to stroke my dick, really fast as we could get caught. He was left handed, so he used his left hand to stroke my penis inside my speedo while his left hand ran across the fabric near my balls. Andy's body was also pressed against mine, with his bulge fitting snugly in my butt crack, with only the thin layer of our speedos preventing them from touching directly. Andy furiously jerked off me and his dick furiously humped my butt.

It was over in about a minute. Me and Andy shot our loads at about the same time: he finished his orgasm seconds after mine. By the end of it all, we were completely spent. I felt my legs get shaky but managed to stand up. We turned around to look at each other, and we both had huge dark spots over our speedos, mostly at the very front. Both of us put our arms around the shoulders of the other. We had enjoyed what we did and knew we had to shower and clean up fast. We hopped under the showers and quickly rinsed ourselves off. As we finished our showers, some of the younger nippers came into the change room. We breathed a sigh of relief as we were a minute away from being caught. Andy and I changed back into our day clothes and headed out to the view of a stunning beach under a blazing sun. We were ready to come back next weekend.



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