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Watching Tv With Sis-in-law

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True story about watching television with my sister-in-law. For anyone who is a fan of HBO's 'Real Sex' you will appreciate this story.


Honest to god true story that happened to me just a few weeks ago.

I am a 40yr old married man with a so-so sex life. I of course supplement the irregular lovemaking sessions between my wife and I with daily masturbation (normally after she falls asleep at night). Her sister came to visit from out of town two weeks back, and it was a nice break from our normal routine.

'Karen' is 33 and divorced; she and I have always had a pretty close bond (more so than me with my wife's other sisters) and she is a very open, honest and fun person. We have spoken openly in the past (and through email) about some of our sexual likes and dislikes. Karen is quite the opposite of my wife in many ways. She is liberal and 'free' when it comes to sex, whereas my wife is much more conservative. My wife is petite and Karen is a 'full figured' gal, about 170 lbs with short brown hair, a nice smile, large breasts and beautiful eyes. I have often fantasized about her during my nightly masturbation sessions.

The second night she was staying with us, my wife went to bed early (8:30), as she wasn't feeling well. Karen and I stayed downstairs watching TV and chatting. At 11:00 we both decided we didn't want to watch the news so I started flipping through the cable channels. As I hit HBO we saw that 'Real Sex' was just starting (it's a risqué show about all things sexual). As I skipped past it Karen asked me to put it back as she likes to watch it sometimes when she's home. Not objecting (I love to watch it too!) I turned back to channel 82 (HBO). The beginning of the show previewed the segments included in that particular episode: a 'sex workshop for couples', a factory that makes sex toys, and a story about a guy who made underwater erotic videos. The first clip was about the sex toy factory, and Karen and I began discussing the merits of the different toys (vibrators, dildos, dolls, etc.). She very casually commented on the toys for women and told me her favorite is her pink 'pocket rocket' that does the trick for her every time. She asked if I used any toys with my wife(we do not)and if I had ever 'had fun' with a sex doll. I related to her a story about college where a friend had a doll and we took turns with it(gross, I know), and she was fascinated and asked ALL kinds of questions.

Naturally as we watched and talked I was becoming aroused, and wondered if she was as well. I had on only a well-worn pair of gym shorts and t shirt, and had to shift around (unsuccessfully) to try to hide my erection. Karen was wearing a blue football jersey type nightshirt that fell down to just above her knees. I was seated in a recliner chair, and she was sitting with her legs folded underneath her on the couch to my left. As the next segment started(sex workshop)Karen jokingly asked me if I ever 'rubbed one out' while I watched this show. We both laughed and then I told her of course I do, and that I'm just like any other horny red-blooded American guy. I saw her glance at my crotch and then she looked me in the eyes and told me that I looked like I probably needed to do it now. I wasn't sure how she could tell I was hard because I thought I was doing a good job hiding it, but apparently not. Not thinking clearly(wife right upstairs, although dead asleep)I leaned back in my chair and let my legs spread apart slightly, allowing Karen to see my obvious hard-on straining against my shorts. Her eyes widened and she smiled coyly.

She told me that she wouldn't mind if I wanted to 'do my thing' and that it would be our secret. No more words were spoken, nor did I need any encouragement (I'm an exhibitionist at heart and have masturbated in front of others before, although it was MANY years ago). I just looked at her and smiled, and slowly lifted my hips, pulled my shorts down to mid thigh and lifted up my tshirt. Her eyes locked on my cock as I began to tug at it leisurely, staring at the action on TV. This went on for about a minute, and then Karen pulled her legs out from under her, leaned back, and planted her feet on the floor.

I turned my attention fully to her and watched in amazement as she slowly lifted the hem of her nightshirt up until her pink cotton panties were fully revealed. She moved her right hand down between her legs and began to move it up and down her crotch outside her panties, smiling at me. I picked up the pace and watched as she continued to masturbate right in front of me! She began squeezing and kneading her breasts over her shirt with her left hand, and her face became flushed and her eyes opened and closed as she became more and more aroused. We were both very careful not to make any noise, and the pace of my strokes gradually increased.

Karen then slipped her hand inside her panties and began to really go to town (I was able to see a few wisps of dark pubic hair but not much more). We continued masturbating while we watched each other for about ten minutes until I couldn't take it any longer. I couldn't help grunting slightly as I began to ejaculate and I shot three to four thick streams of semen up onto my chest and abdomen (much more than normal!) and then had more gurgle out and gather on my thumb, hand and pubic hair. Just a few moments later Karen arched her back, thrust her head back and clamped her legs tightly together on her hand as she began to come.

Her legs trembled and her left hand squeezed her right breast hard as she rode through it. As she finished, her legs loosened, she let out several short panting breaths and smiled at me. She pulled her nightshirt down and grabbed a fist full of tissues from the box on the table next to her. She walked over and handed me a few and with the rest wiped the semen off my chest and stomach. As I cleaned up the rest on my hand and cock and pulled up my shorts, Karen bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear how great that was. Then she told me she was going to bed and she was gone up the stairs.

The next day we found a minute to chat alone about what had happened the night before and both agreed how devastating it would be if my wife/her sister found out. We are determined to keep it our secret, however I have fantasized about our little encounter ever since it happened. In fact, I swiped a pair of Karen's panties before she left and have masturbated with them several times since with each orgasm better than the last. I can't wait until she comes to visit us again (in October!).



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