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Truth or Dare?

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This was the best sleepover I ever had.


I have been masturbating since I was in my early teens but this was the first time that I had ever done it with someone else. My two friends, Caitlynn and James, and I were getting together to work on this really big project for school that was 1/3 of our final grade for the quarter and was causing a lot of stress. We got together over the weekend at my house to work on it and planned on spending Saturday night at my house.

The project was going really well and we were almost done. When we were finally finished with the project it was almost 11 pm. We were all happy it was finished but didn't want to go to bed yet. James said, "Hey, I know what we could do to have some fun, let's play Truth or Dare." We all looked at each other and nodded and said, "Sure, why not." At first we were a little nervous and just did truth and asked questions like "Who do you like" or "Have you ever masturbated." After around 15 minutes we started to ask dares, which at first consisted of just kissing on the cheek. It was James' turn and he looked at Caitlynn and said, "I dare you to... show us your breasts." She looked a little hesitant but then took off her shirt then her bra to reveal her nice, perfect breasts. She then asked me truth or dare, and I said dare. She said, "I dare you to feel James' penis" and smiled. James and I looked at each other and he slowly undid his pants and I reached in and pulled his limp penis out and began to hold it, squeeze it and twirl it around.

It was my turn and I asked James truth or dare. He said he wanted a dare so I said, "I dare you to rub your penis on Caitlynn's breasts." She looked at me with a nervous but kind of excited expression and then James got up and took his clothes off and straddled her chest and started to thrust his still limp cock on her breasts. As he started to get hard he took his penis in his hand and started to slap her nipples and her breasts, (which were big for her age), started to shake. After he sat back down he dared Caitlynn to masturbate with a banana and then eat it. She went downstairs and got one then came back to my room and said, "This is what I usually use when I masturbate." She unpeeled it and took off her panties to reveal her tight pussy. I was rock hard now and pre-cum was pouring out of my penis. She slowly inserted an inch or two and started moving it in and out slowly and rubbed her clit. When she orgasmed her juices covered the entire banana and she took it out and sucked the juices off and ate it.

Caitlynn took a long pause thinking about who to ask. She looked at James and smiled and said, "I dare you to lick his nuts then cum on his face." James looked at me with a shocked expression and after a little encouragement he decided to do it. I spread my legs and he knelt down and licked my balls and my head which was soaked in pre-cum. He then stood up and started to stroke his penis inches from my face. He said he was about to cum and Cailtynn moved closer. When he let his load go on my face he sat back down with cum dripping down his penis and Caitlynn gave me some tissues to clean up.

James then looked at me and said, "I dare you to cum on Caitlynn's stomach and breasts." I gladly accepted and Caitlynn laid on her back and I knelt over her waist with my penis just above her patch of pubes and started to stroke. I was running out of pre-cum to use as lube so Caitlynn sat up and used her spit to lube me up. I started stroking again and so was James as he was still sitting behind me watching. When I masturbate normally I usually cum about half of a Dixie cup and it sprays instead of shooting out in globs. I don't think that she was expecting it because when I said I was going to cum and I started to spray all over her stomach, breasts, face and pussy she was a little shocked that I could produce that much cum. When she sat back up she had big globs of cum all over her and James said he was going to cum again and he walked over to her and she nodded and he let his load go in her mouth and her face.

She began to eat all the cum that was on her and it was getting me turned on again and started to stroke myself. She saw this and wanted me to cum on her again. I told her to lay on her back and lift her legs and put them on my shoulder. She closed her thighs together and I pushed my penis between them and started to thrust back and forth. When I came again it was only about half of what I came before and I soaked her thighs and stomach and some dripped onto her pussy which I licked off.

We cleaned up and James and I put our boxers on and Caitlynn put her panties and bra on and we went to bed. We all slept in my large bed with her in the middle and before we went to bed she gave us both one last hand job and we fell asleep in our own cum. The next day was even better, but that's my next story.

Since this sleepover we've gotten together and played strip poker and have even played Twister naked.



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