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My dad's fourth wife Kim, and I have remained really close even after my dad (the jackass) left her to marry his fifth 'trophy' wife who is half his age. Kim and I were always more friends than mother and stepson, mostly because at 34 she's only about six years older than me. We always did stuff together (dad was never around) and since she's an awesome person and unbelievably hot I always loved it. Kim is short (about 5'3') with blonde hair that is almost white and a great tan. She has a figure skater's ass and legs and HUGE tits (36DD). She always jokes that she could have gone to the Olympics in skating if her boobs hadn't got so big.

Anyway, I was going to be in Florida for a few weeks on business and Kim told me that I had to come and stay with her. I was really excited to see her and when I got to the house she had left me a note that said she was at her workout and had some things to do and would be home a little later. I unpacked my stuff and since it was cloudy I figured I'd kill some time watching tv in the den. I found a box right next to the tv full of movies and, curious, I put one in marked 'pool party'. My eyes almost fell out of my head, it was a video of a party at this house and Kim was wearing the smallest white bikini I had ever seen! It could barely contain her huge tits and round ass and she was running around, pushing her friends in the pool and bouncing everywhere.

I figured I had tons of time and pretty soon I had taken my clothes off and was slouched down on the couch stroking my thick cock. Watching her on the screen being so playful and hot really got me turned on. My precum soaked cock felt so good in my hand that I didn't realize Kim was standing in the doorway until she dropped her bag on the floor and eyes wide, put her hands up to her mouth and blushed. I instantly was trying to cover up, shut the tv off and explain all at the same time, the result of which was that I managed to hit the stop button on the remote and that was about it.

'I'm so sorry' she said, and I think she was honestly more embarrassed about interupting me than I was about jacking off. There was an embarrassing silence for about ten long seconds with us looking at each other and then, red faced we both started to laugh.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' she said again. 'Please keep going, I'd hate to think you stopped because of me,' she said and turned to go.

Without thinking I laughed 'Stop? I started because of you!'

She stopped and turned to face me, eyes wide as saucers 'Really??' I nodded yes and she walked over to the couch 'Let me see what you were watching...' she said. I tried to keep the remote away from her, but after a minute I sighed and gave in. When she hit the play button and saw herself on the screen her eyes got wide again. 'You were really jacking off to me???'

'Yes' I managed to croak out.

'Well' she giggled,'it is kind of a small bikini, huh?'

'Yes' I said, very aware that she was sitting very close and my cock had remained hard the whole time. And then, out of the blue:

'I want you to keep going, Kev'


'Yeah, I want to know I got you that excited. Can I watch?'

'God, yes' I moaned 'I think that would be really ...um...inspirational...'

'oooh...' she said' I'll be right back with some more INSPIRATION...' and she bounced off only to return two minutes later in the same bikini as in the Movie. She had left all her jewelery on and added some white heels which made it even hotter. Her tits are so big and firm, but the bikini offers NO support so her tits were actually wobbling together as she walked back in with a small drawstring bag in her hand. She knelt right in front of me and pushed my legs further apart.

'Mmm' she moaned as she started to run her nails on my legs 'Were you close when I came in?'

'Actually, I was trying to hold off a bit, if I'm really excited it gets kinda messy' I explaned.

'How messy Kev, tell me. Do you cum hard?' she purred 'Do you shoot all over the place??'

'Yes' I moaned. I was trying not to stare at her as I stroked my big, fat cock just a foot away from her, but she's sooo hot and the talking was a huge turn on.

'Tell me more Kev,' she said smiling at me and pulling her massive tits out of the bikini top and leaning forward, her hands still on my thighs, her breasts inches from my cock. 'Do you cum all over your stomach?'

I moaned. 'Usually my chest' I said 'but if I'm really excited it will splash my neck and the side of my face.' Her eyes went wide again.

'So are you really excited now Kev?' she asked, the only other sound the rhythmic slap of my balls against my ass as I pounded my cock.


'Will you do it for me Kev? Will you? I want to know I got you so hot you aimed you big hard cock right at your face for me so I could watch.'

I managed to nod and she gave me the hottest smile ever. 'Good, relax and I'll help you.' With that she pulled a large vibrator from the drawstring bag and said 'Trust me, this'll be great!' Then she placed the vibe against my ass and stared me right in the eye.

'Now stroke that big dick Kev, beat off for me, show me how much you wanna cum.' I was dying at this point and was trying to slow down, to hold back, but she caught on and one tiny hand on my chest, one pushing the dildo harder she said 'CUM FOR ME! AIM THAT BIG COCK AT YOUR FACE AND CUM!!'CUM WITH THAT BIG COCK IN YOUR ASS!'

I couldn't hold it any longer. Hot ropes of cum shot out of my cock and went everywhere. My neck, chest and the side of my face were soaked as well as her tits and the hand that was on my chest. They were endless and I'm amazed I didn't pass out. She giggled and actually thanked ME!



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