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By the time we entered our freshman year of high school, my sister was known to be the hottest girl in the grade, and all of my friends would talk about her. I stayed out of these conversations for obvious reasons, but I honestly agreed with them. She was hot! She had great tits at that age and her face was beautiful. Her butt were pretty bangin too. I'm told that many of the girls thought I was hot, but I wasn't as big of a deal as my sister.

I had been imagining my sister naked since I hit puberty in my pre-high school years at which point she had already been well on her way to a beautiful set of breasts. I would always jack off thinking of her and fantasies that I would create. I would think of her catching me jerking off or her asking to see me naked or something like that. Whatever it was, I loved picturing her completely naked and I loved picturing us doing...dirty things.

So onto the real story. It was freshman year of high school and both my sister and I didn't have a boy/girlfriend. She seemed really bummed about it but quite honestly I was okay with just pleasuring myself, especially considering what I went through with my ex (long story). One day we were talking about our single status and she was kinda whining like usual. I told her to shut up and just just maker herself feel good. When I said it I immediately wanted to take it back. But I was in too deep already. She asked if that's how I get by...by jacking off. I tried to deny it but she saw right through me. So I ended up admitting it. The conversation ended and I almost forgot about the entire matter until the next week.

That next week, I was walking around the house with a boner (sticking up pinned between my elastic waistband and my stomach to make it less noticeable) with just my sister and me home. I started talking to her and saw her eyes wander to my crotch where she evidently saw my boner. She said: 'Too bad you don't have a girlfriend...one might come in handy right now...Oh but I forgot you can just take care of yourself.' I was completely embarrassed but my hardon stayed strong. She continued: 'Are you really gonna walk around with your dick like that?' I was speechless. 'Seriously, just jack off, I don't mind. You can even do it here for all I care.'

I couldn't believe my ears...my sister...my really hot sister...just told me I could wank in front of her. I was paralyzed until she invited me to sit next to her on the couch for the activity ahead. I walked zombie like to the couch and sat down, my blood rushing from my head to my dick which was really so hard that it hurt. I just sat there for a min. without doing anything which prompted her to say: 'It's not gonna go away by its own.' I snapped out of my daze and asked her if she's sure she's okay with this. She said hell yeah! So I lifted up my butt and in one quick swipe I pulled down my pants and boxers.Now my 7 in circumcised dick stood out from my 14 year old body dripping with precum...more copiously than ever before. I slowly started stroking as my sister commented on my size. I stared at her chest and then at her pussy which she was rubbing through her jeans. I could've cum easily but I tried to make it last and I wanted a show too so I asked her to take off her shirt and bra (I'm really more of a tit guy than pussy guy). Almost as soon as she revealed herself I shot my load, a huge load!, on my shirt, which I had forgotten to take off.I also had cum all over my cock, balls, and hand. Some had dripped onto the sofa but not much.

I sat in shock for a minute, with my dick still leaking a dripping cum and still hard as a rock. I snapped out of this when my sister took a finger and swiped some of the cum off of my slightly hairy balls and put it in her mouth. She continued to such her finger as she brought herself to orgasm. While watching that I took off my cum soaked shirt (it really was soaked) and started to jack off again. A minute after she orgasmed I came again and once again I shot a huge load but this time onto my stomach.

When then got up and showered in different showers. A week or two later, we both got boy/girlfriends and haven't masturbated together since.

I got to jack off with the hottest girl in the school...and my twin!



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