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Truth, No Dare

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Just before the long weekend, my parents decided to go up to our cabin for the weekend. I called up my friend Seth and he said he could go and we drove up later that day.

That night we lay awake in our beds not ready to go to sleep and I suggested that we play truth, no dare because we didn't want to wake up my parents.

It stared out who do you like and who are you going to ask to the dance but then we started talking about fantasies and fetishes and finally to jerking off. Seth has always been a late bloomer and he had just started to get a little fuzz on his balls. (I saw it when he changed into his swimsuit). But I have a very hairy penis and balls and I wasn't afraid to show him either. I asked him if he jerked off and he said a little and said that nothing came out. I asked him to go into detail and he said he would rub it and feel real good and them it tickled a lot. By now I had a huge six inch erection in my tight briefs (which was the only thing I wore to bed) and was trying to hide it under the covers. I also noticed that he was just wearing briefs and that I could see his little erection and balls right through them. He also had his hand at the top of the waistband. He then asked me how it felt when 'it' came out. I said great and he said like what. I said that it was milky white and that when it comes out your penis feels real tingly and that your balls tighten up and it squirts out. We continued the conversation and he talked about showering with the other guys at our school and being embarrassed about being smooth and having a small penis. He then brought up porn and so we opened up the computer and started searching videos in our underwear.

After some of this I asked if it was ok if I masturbated, he looked unsure so I said I would do it on the other side of the room and he wouldn't need to look. So I walked over took off my underwear and laid down and started to rub my penis and balls. I made extra noise so he could he me. Danny said from across the room, could you come over here. I pulled up my briefs, so close to cumming. He said, could I see you cum, I said sure! So I pulled down my underwear and started to finish my masturbating. When I came, he touched some of my ejaculate, kind of amazed. He said that he had to take care of his boner and started to walk over to the other side of the room. I told him to stay here and do it in front of my because we were friends.

He then laid down flat and pulled down his underwear and took out his small penis. He licked his hands and started to rub his penis and rub his balls and it totally turned me on. When he said he was done and his penis tickled he asked to see my penis again to see what his would look like and I took mine out again. He started to touch it and rub I and put his fingers through my hair. He pulled up my underwear for me and I pulled up his and we went to bed.

In the morning I awoke to him masturbating again on his bed and trying different techniques he saw me doing last night. Then his little penis started to move and I could tell that he had orgasmed and that his penis 'tickled'



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