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After Swimming Naked

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This happened yesterday while hanging out with a friend.


A friend of mine had told me his parents were out of town for the week, so he had been staying over at their house just to keep an eye on everything. I decided to meet him there on Saturday. They were pretty well off and, even though it wasn't a large house, it was very nice inside with a fully furnished basement that included a living area, bar, kitchen and full bathroom. Not only that, he showed me that in the spring they had installed a small in-ground pool. It was not big enough to dive and really swim in, but more to just float around and relax. He had mentioned to me that we could get some beers and jump in. When I said I didn't have anything to wear, he told me I didn't need it and could go naked if I wanted since there's a large privacy fence around the yard. Sure enough, I looked out and saw an 8-foot privacy fence that left the yard completely secluded. I have no problem getting naked with other people, and it is actually a turn-on for me; so, I said I was game if he was. He went and grabbed a couple towels and iced up a six pack, then stripped down, walked outside and jumped in.

We stayed out there for a while, drinking and listening to the radio and, after some time, the cooler ended up empty. It wasn't long before he said he needed to take a leak and would get some more beer. He quickly jumped out and, wrapped in his towel, grabbed the cooler and hurried inside. I waited outside for a few minutes, a couple songs' worth, then figured I should use the bathroom too and find out what was taking him so long. When I got out I didn't even bother with the towel, just stepping into my flip flops and heading to the house. With no wet shorts on, the baking sun mostly dried me off before I hit the door.

I went in and saw that the cooler was sitting on the bar but he was nowhere to be found. I walked back towards the bathroom and saw that the light was on. When I stood at the doorway I saw him there, standing over the toilet with his back to me and towel in the floor, quickly stroking himself. The combination of seeing him as he was and being just as naked in a strange house had me at full hardness in a matter of seconds.

I finally said, "Dude, if you needed to jerk off just say so.”
Before the sentence was even finished, he spun around and saw me watching. At first, he tried covering himself and stammered out, "Sorry I, I just, I didn't think."
"It's no big deal, and you can finish. I didn't mean to stop you."
"No, no, that'd be too weird," he responded and then went to get his towel, still fully erect.
"Why? Shit, I'll do it, I'm ready to." I guess I was feeling a little bolder than normal because of the beer, but I then walked up to the toilet and started stroking myself right in front of him. Staring down at my hand and my cock I said, "Come on, no need to hide it now."

After a few seconds he stepped back up, took a deep breath and started jerking off again. For the next few minutes not a word was said, just heavy breathing, random moans and precum squishing under our fingers.

He was the first to get there, grunting out, "Fuck, I think I'm about to cum." I took a step back and let him do his thing, and he tensed up, pointed his cock down and came. Multiple thin ropes shot out, probably 6 or 7, before the last dribbled out. He then backed up and sat down on the edge of the tub and caught his breath, his beet red cock still sticking straight out and shiny from the cum.

By that point I was really feeling good, leaning back against the sink and stroking wildly, now completely focused on my orgasm. I could feel his eyes on me, and that just made it all the more intense. Another minute or so went by and I knew I was there, so without missing a stroke I shuffled back over the bowl and squatted down, just in time to dump a huge, thick load into the water next to his. I squeezed out the rest and wiped off my hand. While I was still standing there, I let loose with a long piss.

When that was finally done I flushed and stepped back, then simply said, "Damn that felt awesome. Let’s get some more beer.” I then walked to the kitchen and he was a couple seconds behind me, now simply carrying his towel. We loaded up more beer and went back to the pool, spending most of the afternoon floating around in the water.

Later on, we threw a pizza in the oven and decided to make a night of it. It was mostly since we drank much more than expected and I decided to just stay there overnight because of it. Neither of us bothered to put our clothes back on the rest of the night; there really wasn't much point since we had already jerked off together. The evening went on and we watched TV and played video games that he had brought; random erections came and went over the hours.

A little before midnight we had stopped drinking and was still pretty tipsy around 1 AM. We were flipping through the channels and he stopped on one of the movies that was pretty much a porno. A couple scenes went on and eventually it switched over to a woman in bed, tossing and turning, flashbacks showing her having sex with some guy. It didn't take long for her to kick off the sheets, showing her laying there naked. She spread her legs and started rubbing herself while squeezing her breasts. She was getting wild, thrashing around the bed, and began digging in with both hands. I happened to glance over at my friend on the other couch. He was focusing on her was masturbating again. I figured I may as well too, and quickly started stroking my stiff penis. This time I was the first to cum, shooting it onto myself with my toes grabbing at the couch. He wasn't far behind, sitting up and cumming into his hand. We cleaned ourselves up and decided to call it a night, and the next thing I know it's morning and I'm still naked on his couch.

I had a decent headache from all the beer. When he woke up he got me some aspirin, and after a little while I figured I needed to get dressed and head back home, where I am now. I ate and took a shower then fell back asleep for a little while. After I woke up, I was obviously horny again thinking about last night. I was just about to jerk off again but decided to type this up first; so right now my cock is dripping and ready to cum. Time to masturbate!



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