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First Time With a Country Boy

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This happened a few months ago when I was visiting some relatives in New York. They had some friends that would come over all the time. One of them had a son who was 16, let's call him Travis, that I hung out with most of the time I was there. Travis and I played video games, had paintball fights, and did other stuff that teenage boys do.

Now I'm not gay, but Travis was really something to look at. He was a lot shorter than me (I'm 6'3', so there's nothing surprising about that) and had a really nice body. He had a girlfriend and would bring her up occasionally. I didn't at the time so I was really jealous of him. One day I asked him if he and his girlfriend had done anything sexual. He said that she would occasionally jerk him off but wouldn't go any further because she didn't want to get pregnant. Just picturing him getting jerked off in my mind was getting me horny.

One day, he asked me if I wanted to go hiking with him. He said he would show me his favorite trail through the woods, which led down to a small lake. I agreed and thought it would be fun. I didn't have any idea how much fun that would turn out to be.

We were hiking for about 30 minutes. This wasn't one of the main trails so there wasn't anyone else around. Finally, we got to the lake. I sat down by the water's edge while Travis excused himself so that he could go take a piss. I couldn't help but look as he went over to a tree about 10 feet away. When he was done, I looked away quickly so he wouldn't notice that I was staring at him.

We talked for a while when he suggested that we take a dip in the lake. I told him that I didn't bring a bathing suit. 'No big deal,' he said. 'This is the country, man. We don't wear bathing suits. Just strip off and jump in.'

I started to blush at this point. No one had seen me naked since I was a baby. My dick instantly jumped in my pants. 'How could I get naked now with this huge boner?' I thought. Before I could say anything he had taken off his shirt and jeans. Facing away from me, he slipped off his boxers and threw them to the side. I just stared at his perfect naked body standing there in the sunlight. His ass was so firm and round, without a blemish at all.

He turned around and asked if I was coming in. His dick was only semi-erect, but it was at least 5-inches. Meanwhile, I had a full 7-inch throbbing boner in my pants. I told him I didn't feel like swimming, but he said, 'Don't be a pussy. Come on!' Reluctantly, I took off my shirt and pants and said that I was coming in in just a second. He smiles, turns around, and jumps in the lake. I then pull my boxers off and run into the water as fast as I can.

We swam for around half an hour. I did my best to get rid of my erection, but it just wouldn't go away. After a while, Travis decided to get out. I watched him walk onto the grass, with his 6-incher swaying back and forth. Seeing him hard, I felt like my dick grew an extra inch. I wanted to jerk off so bad since I hadn't come in over a week, but I was too embarrassed to do it in front of him.

When I decided to get out, I held my hand over my crotch the whole way, which didn't hide my erection well at all. He just laughed and said I had a huge dick and that I shouldn't be so ashamed to show it off! I guess he was right, so I went over and sat down next to him in the grass.

We talked about girls and school. I told him that my high school didn't make us change or shower in public and that I wasn't used to being naked around anyone else. He said that his parents had seen him naked plenty of times and that 'it's not really a big deal when you live out in the country'. He told me about when he was younger and would run with his friends naked in the woods all day.

Then he told me this one embarrassing story that happened to him a few months before. He was in his bedroom and thought he was home alone, so he got naked on his bed and started stroking off. Unknown to Travis, his parents and younger sisters were almost home. Within minutes he was close to orgasm, and as soon as he crossed the 'point of no return', his father walked in on him. He tried to cover up but it was too late. Cum started spraying from his penis like a fountain. His dad, furious, grabbed a belt and told him to wipe himself off, get in a corner, and bend over. Then his dad brought his mother and sisters in to watch the punishment. He received 10 lashes on his buttocks, his sisters giggling at seeing their brother's bare ass getting spanked.

He then asked me if I ever jacked off. I said yes, sometimes. He said, 'Look! You're ready to blast off right now!' I had almost forgotten about my stiff penis at this point and I started to reach for something to cover up with. There was no time for me to hide it though because before I knew it, he was next to me stroking my cock. I layed down, with my legs spread as wide as they could be. 'This is what my girlfriend does for me,' he says as he uses his other hand to massage my balls and ass. 'Don't stop,' I tell him.

I reach over and start to rub Travis' dick. I am cut, but he is uncut. I watch as I slide his foreskin up and down, with him moaning each time. Then he tells me to get ready. He then sticks his finger deep into my anus and I get lost in the ecstasy of the moment. I feel the volcanic eruption going on in my genitals. 'FUCK! I'M COMINGGGG!!' and I start spraying my huge load all over. I must have sprayed him 4 or 5 times.

He took my semen and rubbed it all over his cock. Then he told me to turn over. At this point, I would have done just about anything. He straddles my legs and places his penis between my legs just below my anus and humps them like there's no tomorrow. He gets up just as he is orgasming and shoots his cum all over my ass. Then he fell on top of my back. His dick was lying on my ass, and I could still feel it throbbing.

Afterwards we took another dip so we could wash off and stayed by the lake until dark. He was asking me if this means we are gay, saying that he really loves his girlfriend. I told him that experimentation doesn't make you gay. We just enjoy each other's company.

We had more adventures by the lake but that's another story.



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