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The Night I Watched Them

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Of course, they tried to keep it so quiet, but I guess sometimes, its just not possible. My sister and her boyfriend had gone to her room to 'study'. Naturally, to the rather crass and insensitive 15 year old I was at the time, I had no doubt that they were going there to make out and every time they did I tried to either listen at the door or, if I was feeling particularly bitchy, I would give them half an hour and then barge in on them. Many times there was a hasty pulling of sheets and rapid covering up.

Then, one particular afternoon, Sarah told me she and Mike were going to 'study' again. I should have known, looking back, by the way she said it that they had something different planned. So, as usual, I gave them half an hour and decided that this time I would barge in again. (I loved the frantic activity as they covered themselves up.) So I crept up the stairs and listened for a moment. There was whispering and I heard 'Fuck, they smell good.' From Mike. Sarah responded with 'Do it. Put it in me.' This was new. They were going to fuck! So I burst in. Sure enough, they were both naked and Sarah was about to receive Mike inside her, but this time, there was no rush to cover up and no hurled insults at me. Instead, Mike held out his hand to me. In it were a pair of MY panties. (What made it worse was they were the ones I had worn in bed the previous night and I had played with myself in them so they were pretty messy.) Mike had been smelling my pussy while fucking my sister.

Mike brought the panties back to his face and smelled them again. 'You know, Anna, I sure would like to smell you for real.' Then as he said this, he held his cock and started to masturbate. Sarah too had a hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit. Then it seemed that they forgot I was there totally. Sarah was masturbating fast and Mike was obviously really close. Then his back arched and he spurted loads of cum all over Sarah while smelling my panties at the same time. Sarah too groaned out loud as she got closer an closer. Then, just before she cummed, she grabbed my panties from Mike and smelled them herself and orgasmed hard. Then she used my panties to clean herself up.

I stood there totally horny like never in my life before. Sarah said 'Well hunny, you've finally seen our studying. Maybe we should study you now?' I flopped down in a chair, pulled my skirt up and took my damp panties down. I wanted nothing more than for them to watch me and I started rubbing myself. Mike started to finger Sarah and soon, they were cumming together while I watched. I felt my cum starting and it was the biggest, raunchiest, most violent cum I have ever had. I actually lost it because I wet myself too.

One thing happened as a result. I could not get out of my mind that Sarah had smelled my panties as she cummed. Of course I had to talk to her about it and she said that sometimes she likes to think about another girls pussy and sometimes, when she feels really horny, she likes to think about 'bad' things. One lovely night, this led to us fingering each other.

Now I am 18 and Sarah and I still play around sometimes. I love masturbation. There is something about it that is better in some ways than sex with anyone else. You get to choose not only when but where you do it. You don't need to rely on anyone else's cooperation. I find I love masturbating where I will be seen. I have become very good at it, but nothing gets me off faster than watching the effect it has. Recently we went on holiday in our caravan to Cornwall. There was a lovely wood surrounding three sides of the campsite and I would go off in the evening and masturbate where other caravan owners could see. One time, a girl who must have been about 15 couldn't take her eyes off me and walked into the wood and sat opposite me just watching while I made myself cum. Then she asked me to show her what to do. It was really beautiful because I gave her her very first orgasm. (Mind you, she did pee all over my hand, but even that was kinky, you know?)

Well, the summer is here again and our family holiday, (just me and mum this time) will be going caravanning again. Life is FULL of opportunity isn't it? LOL



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