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The Intern

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Happened about 6 months ago. Haven't had the courage to submit anything till now.


I used to volunteer a few days out of the week at one of the local hospitals. Some back story on me: I'm probably bisexual, since I find both sexes attractive both physically and sexually (still a virgin though).

This day I didn't want to stay for my shift since I found out a particularly well-liked patient had died the day before, when I wasn't there. As I was leaving I bumped into an intern making rounds. (I'll call her Li for the sake of the story). Now I had a girl-crush on Li. She is a very pretty, petite woman of Japanese descent. We've talked before in the hospital but beyond that nothing's ever happened.

She's 24 with very brown eyes and perfectly swollen rose-colored lips. She's shorter than I am, probably about 5 feet (I'm a little over 5'3''). She also has smaller breasts than I do. (I'm a 34C, she's a 32B). Hers are perfect for her body type. We exchanged pleasantries and went about our ways. However, there was something a little different this time, a spark I suppose, one of those rarely recognizable signs.

The next day, I returned. I knew Li was on-duty that afternoon and was hoping to 'accidentally' run into her again. My four hour shift came and went and it was around 9pm-ish. Li should've been nearing the end of her shift as well. I went to the nurse's station and signed out, then I asked the nurse if she had seen Li. She said yes, in the doctor's lounge. I went looking for her but she wasn't there. I checked the room next door, which has bunks set up for the doctors to sleep. She wasn't there either. Strangely, I became determined to find her. The thought dawned on me to look in the scarcely used patient room next door. There I found Li lying on the bed.

Her eyes flashed open and she sat up when she heard the door open and close, but she relaxed when she saw it was me. 'Hey,' she said with a beautiful half-smile. 'How are you, Cae?' 'I'm all right' I replied. We continued with the small talk for a few minutes. We were facing each other. I was sitting at the foot of the bed and she was sitting cross-legged. She got quiet and I asked what was wrong. She said that she had something to tell me. I, not being stupid or naïve, recognized the tone of her voice and her body language. It was the same way I acted when I was about to tell someone I 'liked' them. She looked at me then at her hands and said 'You're really beautiful, y'know?' I've been told I'm pretty and beautiful before, but for some reason her saying it made me actually feel beautiful. I think that will stay with me for a long time. I smiled back shyly and returned the compliment. 'I've thought you were gorgeous since I first saw you.' She looked at me, with her wonderful smile, and with only slight trepidation, she kissed me. It was soft and sweet, almost like a thank you.

When she pulled back and looked at me, I was already breathing heavily. I was getting a rush just from a single kiss. To my pleasant surprise, she grabbed my face and kissed me again (usually I'm the more forceful one, so this was nice). As our tongues met and rolled against each other, I felt increasing dampness in my underwear. Li and I parted, gasping for air after such an intense make-out.

She jumped off the bed and locked the door. She bounded back onto the bed, kissed me again, and yanked my shirt over my head exposing my lacy black bra. I pulled at the drawstring of her scrub bottoms to loosen them. We took a quick second to undress. I peeled off her top and she pulled off her pants. She was wearing matching pink and purple bra and g-string. We both giggled for a moment at the fact that she was so chic underneath the plain, unimaginative blue scrubs. I slid out of my jeans (to reveal my not-matching pink boy shorts). There we were, nearly naked and the reality sinking in. She told me to lie back and I complied. She hovered over me and we kissed hard and long and almost desperately. I slipped my hands around her back and unhooked her bra.

Her breasts fell free, so I tore my lips away from hers to suck her dark nipples. She reached down, pushed my underwear aside, and found I was already wet, so she lubed her fingers with my juices and began fingering my clit. She did it slow at first, expertly teasing and circling my clit. I couldn't help but to moan in ecstasy, though I tried to stifle it. She then worked two fingers into my vagina. Thrusting in and out and I bucked and writhed under her touch. I pulled the cups of my bra down to expose my breasts without taking off my bra. She pinched my nipples so they became harder and kissed me again. She worked her fingers furiously in my pussy and I came hard over her hand. While I was coming down, she licked her fingers and put her index finger in my mouth, allowing me to taste. After a few minutes, I was ready to finger her to orgasm.

We switched positions, but I straddled her, instead of lying on top. After teasing and sucking her nipples, I dove my fingers into her very wet pussy, happy that she was wet from getting me off. I ground my pussy against hers. I frigged her clit and her pussy until she came, harder than I did, and nearly screamed out. I licked my fingers clean and kissed her breasts. We got dressed and kissed before leaving the room. It was quiet in the halls and the nurse was still there at her desk. We said good-bye to her and walked out to our cars together. We made plans to see each other on our nights off.

Since then we've seen each other a couple times (with experiences I'll share later, perhaps.) I've stopped volunteering at the hospital because my own job got busier. Although now I'm dating a guy, I hope to see her again.



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