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Whisper Masturbation

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It still turns me on even till this day...


My girlfriend at the time lived across the country so we had no other choice but to phone each other every night. Since she was three hours ahead of my time, it was difficult to carry on a conversation, much less a sexy one long enough before she fell asleep on me.

But what I discovered one night was the most intriguing and the sexiest experiment I could come across. We were on the phone talking casually about our day, my girlfriend, let's call her Ann, had a long day at work and was a little more tired than usual so I respected her decision to not fool around that night. I was a bit disapointed since I always somehow work my pussy up before we even start talking dirty to each other and I was pretty horny that night.

So instead of trying to get her all hot for me I went along with the conversation we were having. About an hour later she mentioned to me that I was being extremely good and that I deserved a reward, so she started moaning and calling my name, every second that went by got my pussy wetter and hotter, eventually I started rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy, and came in no time squirting all over my hand. I could hear her panting and moaning on the other line and eventually it got quiet, we were panting profusely and waited a minute or so to calm down before speaking.

She excused herself to go wash her hands and within a couple of minutes from her return we both started yawning and Ann suggested we both go to sleep on the phone so we could hear ourselves 'dreaming.' I agreed and after we said our goodnights and I love you's things got quiet and within minutes I could hear her snoring quietly. I'm a very light sleeper and it usually takes longer for me to fall asleep so I continued to listen to her sleep for a few more minutes. I started getting bored and I sighed a couple of times, and everytime I sighed I noticed she responded with a little moan.

At first I thought it was coincidence but I decided to test out my theory and sighed a few more times back to back and with each I got a reaction from her. A little lightbulb flicked on in my brain and decided to start panting, the same way I did when we were having phone sex knowing this drives her and her pussy insane. Within a few seconds her unconscious state was reacting more and more and she started moaning and panting faster and she started calling my name, at this point I had no clue if she was fucking with me or if she was really into it. So I stopped panting and whispering and as soon as I stopped she stopped as well.

I called her name loud enough to wake her and in a raspy sleepy voice she asked me what was wrong. I asked her if she was sleeping and she said yeah why? And I asked if she was serious and she assured me she was, so I decided to explain what I just discovered and I wondered if her unconscious state actually masturbated at one point and Ann said there was only one way to find out so she licked her fingertips and sure enough the taste of her pussy juice hit her tongue and she moaned and said no wonder my panties are all wet, god you drive me crazy even in my dreams.

After laughing about it I let her go back to sleep and didn't bother her for the rest of the night. However the next night I decided to conduct my experiment again and pushed it longer than the previous night and this time her orgasm was strong enough to wake her and with a little whine and an I love you bad girl she went back to sleep. I never did it again after that night but it was fun while it lasted...maybe you guys should try it out, you never really know what turns your partner on...



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