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The Sounds of Night

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I hear her through the wall. Her bed lies parallel to mine, and we are only separated by a thin wall of plasterboard. 


A bump wakens me, and I extend my senses into the sultry night. All the windows are open, and one or two even have their doors open too. Anything to catch the fiantest breath of breeze. 

I hear her sigh....it’s a deep, long, aching sound of frustration, and somehow, my feminine intuition tells me that she is masturbating. 

I rise from my bed and walk down the hallway. Her door is open, and she is lying on top of her covers. Way too hot for eve a sheet tonight. The moonlight bathes her in its milky white caress and her small hard breasts are silhouetted against the light. Her nipples look so hard. Her hand is between her widely spread legs. I see....no....that’s not right. I sense her wetness. 

I am wet too. Wet and, antsy. I’m angry. Why? I don’t know. I feel irritated with myself and with her. There’s no reason for this, and I feel guilty about it. Nonetheless.....

i watch her fingers as they deftly stroke her clit, one finger either side of it and moving up and down. Her hand reaches for her breast and she pinches the nipple hard, making herself gasp. She’s awake. No way this is autonomic. 

Suddenly, her eyes flash open. She sees me. I step instantly backwards away from her door. 

“No. Please. Watch me?” It’s both a question and a demand. No, it’s more than both. It’s a deep need. 

I walk into her room and sit on her bed, my eyes fixed between her thighs. I can smell her now, that light, intoxicating scent of an aroused girl. Every fibre in my body aches to touch her....to taste her....to finger fuck her into oblivion. 

I'm dripping too. I ache to touch myself, but that would be a betrayal of our unspoken agreement. She shuffles down the bed and one of her legs reaches across mine. I’m between her legs now, and her fingers graze my thigh as thy work her clit. 

The scent is overwhelming. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. A tear? Empathy? Oneness? I don’t know. 

“Talk to me” she whispers. 

Somehow, I know she doesn’t want me to talk dirty. She wants gentleness.....romance, even. 

“Oh, Beth. Come for me. Let me see you come against my leg. Let me see your body arch and convulse. Share your love with me.” 

She speeds up, still no finger inside her though. Clitoral, then? “Fuck me. Use one finger.....fuck me”

i press a finger between her moist, swollen lips and find.....oh my.....is that her hymen? Is she still intact? No, maybe not. There is a hole and my finger just about fits. I press gently, surfing my finger forward until I graze her g spot. 

She arches her back and grabs my wrist. 

In total, utter silence, I fell a series of contractions around my finger. They pulse, grip, contract and with each, Beth gasps aloud. 

I feel wetness jet on my leg. A spurt. Another. And another. 

Slowly, she comes down from her orgasm, and it feels so natural to hug her. 

Both of us naked, we caress and kiss. 

I know tonight is not my night. I got back to my room.

in The aftermath of the privilege of being part of Beth’s orgasm, I mastubate. 

Her scent is everywhere, and in seconds, I come.



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