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Summer Fun With My Cousin 4

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I had been with Luke and his family for a couple of weeks when this occurred. For those of you that haven't seen my previous stories, I had been staying with my cousin at his farm for the summer. His name was Luke, dirty blonde hair, six pack, and pretty bi curious.

Luke suggested one day that we go for a hike. After all, it's basically how we started off with our whole adventurous summer. I had no complaints. I really can't explain how much sexual tension there was from the get-go. It's almost as if every step was building up to something and we both knew it. I walked behind him because firstly, he knew the way and secondly, his butt looked pretty damn amazing in his shorts. Luke's farm was pretty big but it linked to other farms on all sides. He took us up a trail that crossed over onto another farm where there was like a small forest-type group of trees and a small "waterfall" (like 2 metres only and a small river).

So we got into the forest and weaved our way between the trees until we were as well hidden as we could be. Luke said that we didn't really have to worry because the people who actually owned the farm were quite old and never came right to the edges of their property and basically he was the only person who ever came her. "Literally" he laughed, "I'm the only person who ever cums here." He winked at me and laughed. With those words, my dick started to harden in my pants, I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my shorts. There was already a tent in my underpants. Luke smiled and did the same thing. I could see his dick was also on it's way to being rock hard.

We moved closer to each other and he stuck his hand into my underpants, I stuck mine into his. We played with each others hardening dicks. Luke pulled his hand out and bent down on his knees. He pulled down my underpants to about my knees and let my hard cock spring out. He started licking all over my dick as his hands grasped and massaged my butt cheeks. I could see Luke still had his dick at attention, so I stopped him after a minute and told him to take off his underpants.

We both stripped completely, taking off our socks and shirts too. I lay on the ground and Luke sort of crouched over me. I sucked his cock and he sucked mine. I reached up and started playing with his buttcheeks, I used my two pointer fingers to slowly circle his butthole and pull it open softly in different directions. Luke moaned and bit softly on my cock. It was one of the hottest things that has ever happened to me, EVER. I stuck the tip of one finger in his butthole and used my other hand to slowly stroke his cock, I kept my tongue on his dick head the entire time I jerked him.

As this was happening Luke was trying to hold himself up on one arm and jerk me off with his other. He lowered himself every now and again to spit on my cock and jerk a little faster. Suddenly I felt Luke circling my dick head with the palm of his wet slippery hand. It felt like fireworks exploding inside my cock and I didn't even have time to think before ropes of cum where shooting out my dick, some hitting his chest and other just flowing over my cock. Luke bent down and started to suck me again, sucking the cum off my dick. I shuddered.

Suddenly I started jerking his dick like there was no tomorrow and stuck my finger as far into his ass as I could. His body tensed up and I just kept going. Suddenly he was shaking and then warm ropes of cum were landing all over my face. I pulled my finger out his ass and he momentarily collapsed on top of me, his knees giving way. He rolled over me, my hands searched for a shirt close by, I found one and wiped his cum away from my eyes. He was next to me breathing deeply, he looked at me and smiled.

Then he launched towards my face and starting licking his cum up from on my face, his tongue even searching my mouth for any remnants of cum. I felt his hand on my already-hardening cock. This day will always hold a special memory in my heart, not because of the amazing jerk off and orgasm we shared but because of what happened after as well. It was the first day that I ever bottomed for Luke.



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