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First Time at the Nude Beach

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I went to the nude beach to masturbate, and had the most incredible experience ever!


This weekend I went to a nude beach. I wanted to masturbate with other men, and also expose myself to women. The first day, I was really nervous, and it wasn't until late that I discovered the area where guys go to play. I was too nervous to do anything and went home and had a long and very sexy session with my cock.

The next day, I went back, and my incredible horniness overcame my nervousness, and I strolled straight to the guys' beach. It was early, and there were few guys around. I strolled down to the water, and stood there, and gradually let myself have an erection, and then, without breaking the mood, walked along the beach. In a minute or two, I heard someone behind me, and a trim, grey-haired man came up along side me and said hello. The first thing I noticed was his smile, then I quickly looked at his cock, it was semi-erect. I got extremely nervous then, but he was very casual and just chatted as we walked. He said he'd never seen me before, and I told him it was just my second time. He asked if I wanted to go back in the dunes where we could be alone, and I nodded and followed him.

He was very tan, with a shaved cock, and as soon as we were a little out of sight, he began stroking himself until his erection was total thick and long. I was babbling to him by now, and telling him that I wanted to masturbate with another man, and then saying I wanted to stroke another guy. We got to a place with bushes, and he reached somewhere and pulled out a towel from behind a bush, with a little smile. We sat down, our two cocks sticking in the air. It suddenly hit me that my desire/fantasy was about to come true, and then I felt his firm hand on my cock. I almost let out a cry!

He stroked me a few times, and then swung around on the towel so that our legs were wrapped around each other, and our cocks almost touching. I was frozen with excitement, watching our cocks, looking at his eyes, and squirming with pleasure. He grabbed both of our cocks, pressing them together in his hand, and squeezed them up and down. His cock felt warm and strong against mine, and I swear that waves of vibration were flowing up and down are cocks together. I could feel his cock flexing and hardening along with mine. I leant back on my arms and closed my eyes. His crotch was pressing against mine now and we began to rock our pelvises together. His other hand slid down against my balls, and then began massaging between my legs, and I erupted, with him following, into one of the most awesome orgasms I ever had!! When I opened my eyes, both our bellies were covered in cum.

It was beyond my imagination. I mean, I thought I would stand, or sit with a guy, and we'd jack each other off, not much else. This was so much more SEXUAL! Then I got shy, embarrassed, and slipped out from around him, and rolled over on my front on the towel. My new friend said nothing, but rolled over next to me. We lay for a long time, and then he asked me if I liked it. Yeah, I said! He said we will do it again some time if not today, another day. I said that I definitely would like that, and I felt myself growing hard again. I rolled over, and saw two guys near by, watching us. My friend motioned them it was alright to come over, and they said hello and sat down and began to stroke.

We sat up and stroked, too. Soon, one of the guys was stroking me, and I was stroking him. I was so hot, I was almost crazy, muttering, Oh, fuck, oh fuck, over and over. Then the guy started stroking harder and harder, and I followed. He was groaning and almost screaming and I started to too. Then he was quiet, tensed up, and his cock pumped against my hand. He shot amazing gobs of cum. In a moment, he finished me off while I was watching my new friend jacking the other boy's cock. I was delirious.

My new friend gave me his phone number, and told me to call the next time I come to the beach. That will be next weekend!



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