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Couldn't Think of a Title

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Hey this is a story about what happened two weeks ago today. I was going to write it the night after it happened but i decided i would ask the permission of my friend who was involved first, he gave his consent for me to write a story without changing the names however he does not want to read the story (for some reason).
I had just got a new DVD player in my bedroom with one of those home cinema speaker systems (my family isn't rich or anything i had to work for it). I had invited my best friend Tom over to stay the night and watch loads of DVDS i had borrowed off my older brother. From about 7pm we had been watching DVDS pretty much continuously and it was now about 1am. At this point i got up off my bed where we were laying on our backs next to each other and went into the hiding place in my room - which is a compartment i have made under the bottom of my wardrobe. I returned with a DVD in my hand
'ahem' i said 'do you wanna watch this?'
Tom laughed and said 'oh yeah!'
With that i put in the hardcore porno DVD my brother had secretly got me for my 18th birthday in the DVD player. It seemed within seconds my cock was throbbing away in my trousers and i suspected Tom was the same. After only about 5 minutes there was a scene with some woman with big tits giving head to some guy with a huge dick and i knew then i had to get my cock out. So i unzipped my trousers pulled them down then pulled my boxer shorts down to expose my 6inch erection. I started to slowly jerk my thick uncut cock while watching the blowjob on the screen. By the time the cum shot happened my cock was dripping with precum but i resisted jerking myself fully.
An idea popped into my head...it was something i had thougth abotu before but decided against. This time i decided to do it. Tom clearly had one eye on the TV and one eye on my show but his cock was still tucked away. So with my left hand (with my right hand still on my cock) i started to rub Tom's crotch and i could feel his hard dick. He turned around to look at me and i looked him straight back in the eye but we said nothing. Then he undid his trousers and pulled them and his underwear down. Tom's erection is about 6 inches but it isnt very thick - infact mine is actually at least twice as thick but the especially strange thing about it is that the head is really big in comparisn to the rest. It has always sort of interested me in a way and i was going to get a chance to investigate it close up.
I wrapped my left hand gently around the shaft of Tom's cock and very slowly rolled the foreskin up and down it while i jerked away on my cock with my right hand. Sfter about 5 minutes i took my hands off both cocks and moved to a new postion. I was now kneeling over Tom, i lent forward and we shared a kiss with lots of tongue. I was now feeling really hot and i dunno what came over me but all of a sudden i had taken Tom's large head into my mouth while i jerked up and down the shaft. I loved the taste and the feel of that funny shaped cock in my mouth and hand. After about 5 minutes of furious sucking and jerking Tom unloaded into my mouth and i swallowed it all.
Without taking a break i moved up so i was kneeling over the top of Tom's chest with my dick near his face.
I rolled my foreskin back and said 'suck me'
Tom leaned forward and took my dick into his mouth and he sucked beautifully - better than any girl had. He was absolutely magnificent with his tongue and i was loving it.
Then for some reason i said 'chew it'
Tom stopped sucking and gave me a funny look
'i said chew it'
With that he started to chew my cock. It felt good if slightly painful.
'now suck me off' i said after a couple of minutes of chewing
God that boy can suck and after about 30 secs i blew my biggest load ever down Tom's throat and he swallowed it all. For the next sort of half an hour we actually just kissed and lightly played with each others cocks. Then we both got hard again and decided to have a 69 before going to sleep. we hope to try other things soon.



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