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Stranger at the Movies

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Stroked off in the theatre by a stranger


Years ago I had a job cleaning toilets and doubling as the bathroom attendant at a fancy restaurant. The pay and hours were horrible, but occasionally a wealthy diner would give me a good tip. My favorite way to spend my tip money was to catch a late night movie at the budget theater.

I was there almost every night on the particular night this story happens, I had seen the movie I was watching twice already. I cannot remember what movie it was, but I remember it was a horror film, which I was a bit obsessed with at the time.

I had settled down in my seat, exactly in the middle of the theater. It was almost completely empty, except for a couple of teenagers making out in the front row. I munched on my popcorn watching the previews, when a man walked into the theater. He examined the empty seats for some time before walking up the stairs, stopping at my row. I was surprised when he sat directly next to me, but tried to ignore him. The movie had been playing for 20 minutes and the guy just watched, so I relaxed and forgot all about him.

About 45 minutes in, I felt something brush my leg. I looked down to see his hand laying on my knee. This creeped me out very much, but the man continued to watch the movie, like he wasn't doing anything. I didn't push it off, because I didn't want to offend him. He was rather largely built and I had been given one too many beatings before. As the movie went on, his hand moved further and further up my thigh. My girlfriend at the time was always teasing me, but never allowed anything more than kissing. My parents were very religious, so masturbation was big no-no. They didn't even allow me to lock the doors. Needless to say, just the idea of his hand being near my most private of areas set me off. As my erection grew larger and larger, I tried to think of anything to stop it from growing. I tried math, old women, anything! Nothing worked and soon enough, it reached his hand. He took this as a signal, I guess, because he began to rub it through my jeans.

I was too afraid to stop him now. I didn't him to think I was messing around with him so I let him continue. The entire he watched the screen, acting like he wasn't doing anything.

Before long, his hand was undoing my fly and fighting with my briefs to free me. Finally, he had my cock sticking out of my open zipper. He casually brought his hand to his mouth, spit in it, and began to stroke me. At first, a wave of guilt rushed over me and I felt like crying, but it started to feel really good. I was suddenly enjoying his hand as it stroked my shaft, slow and firm. I bucked my hips with movements, as he sped up, sensing my thrill.

I began to pant, nearing my limit. He just kept stroking. I couldn't figure out how to tell him without saying it out loud, so I just bit my lip and let the cum rush out of me. It shot into the dark, a rope flew over the seat in front of me, a couple landed on the back of the seat, and the rest was rubbed into my cock as he milked the rest out of it.

Afterwards, he gently tucked me back in, zipped me up, and wiped his hands off; still watching the movie. When he was cleaned up, he simply got up and left. I left the theater five minutes before it ended, so if an employee saw the mess, they would think the couple fooled around in there.

As I was leaving the theater, a large family was gathering in the lobby, each member coming from a different part of the theater. As I walked past them, the gentleman which I assumed to be the father, winked at me and casually licked his fingers.

For some reason, it didn't occur to me until I got home that the man in the lobby was the same man in the theater. It was dark in the theater so I didn't realize it was him.



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