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Discovering A New Hobby Part 1

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A friend and I mistakenly discover the fun of mutual masturbation!

It was junior year of high school and spring had just sprung! My good friend and I, Dan is his name, played baseball together for as long as I can remember! We were always traveling in the summer, no real parental supervision on these trips which made drinking a pretty common occurrence! It was on one particular night of drinking that both our lives changed for the better! We started off like usual after the game, back to the hotel, shower up, the beers, and then the porn. All the previous times led to each of us taking our turns wanking it in the bathroom after we couldn't stand the burning sensation in our your teenage balls! Well this one particular night we had borrowed a bottle of whiskey from his dads cabinet before the trip and he decided to bring it along! We started drinking at a decent pace, and before to long we both were not only pretty liquored up, but horny as hell from this 80s style porn we were watching! As usual he headed off to the bathroom for what I figured would be a quick jerk in the bathroom! This time was different! To say I was stunned would be an understatement! He casually walked out of the bathroom naked, full on hard cock, and a drink in his hand! I tried to contain my outward totally shocked expression, which I feel I did a decent job! He came and laid down on the bed next to me and said he was tired of always having to get up and go cum in the bathroom! I agreed it was a bit inconvenient to go to all that trouble to hide what was only natural! I sat for a brief moment still clothed, and said the hell with it! Stood up dropped my shorts and laid right back down! We both tried to concentrate on the film before us, but that soon subsided before we both were staring at each others hard teenage cocks! He finally spoke and commented how different our cocks were! He has a great looking cock! Nearly hairless all around, a thick 6.5 in cut, and very floppy low hanging balls! The two major differences between us was one, the head on his cock was much smaller than mine, and two my balls always tighten up when I am hard! We both realized we were now glaring at each others steel hard cocks and I finally spoke up saying that he a had nice looking dick! he casually responded with the same kind comment! we pointed out our differences, and he commented on the fact I was a bit longer than him. He seemed to be slightly concerned about it for some reason, but I just reminded him that who cares as long as we are having fun and enjoying the pleasure! We chatted about different techniques, and what felt the best for quite some time! Just edging along, prolonging this new found sexual release! After what seemed like an eternity he asked the question I had been wanting to ask myself the whole time! "Do you mind if I have a feel!" I replied as long as I could return the favor! We both scooted closer together and began exploring each others precum covered cocks! We were both big time leakers in that department! No need for lube! We both slowly, gently stroked each other commenting on how good we both felt and how much we liked each other cock! We knew we were both close to cumming, and I could feel his cock twitching and jerking! His balls beginning to tighten, then weak moans coming from deep inside! I wanted him to go first for some reason! I wanted to see is cock erupt! He began bucking his hips and in the blink of an eye I watched stream after stream blast from his cock head! Blasting all the way to his neck! Seeing my hand covered, and his cock covered in his thick white cum, I lost clutch on my own spectacular orgasm! It was by far the biggest load of my young life! After a few minutes of recovering from our new found hobby, we both began commenting on the nice loads we both delivered, and how we shouldn't just make this a one time deal! And trust me it wasn't, we both soon discovered that a helping hand was much preferred than a single hand!! I promise I will post more stories of Dan and I in the very near future!



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