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Childhood Friends

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First of all I want to say how much I enjoy this site. It's nice to know that so many other people have shared the same type of experiences throughout there lives.

Mine begins when I was about 12 with my best friend (let's call him Mick). We were always hanging out together after school and one of us was always sleeping over on the weekends.

We'd do the usual things like terrorizing the neighborhood, going hiking, and just plain having fun. Nothing could ever come between us because we were so close. Anyhow as boys usually do we'd end up taking about what sex would be like with a girl and we'd both get really horny.

One day we came up with this game that one of us would be the boy and the other would be the girl, (that way what was about to happen didn't seem to be gay). We would do this when we knew we were alone, mostly at his house because his parents were both still at work.

I remember laying in his bed with him close and we would start off by kissing each other all over our lips and face. I liked to be the guy so I would climb on top of him and slowly grind my fully erect little boner against his. It was so exciting feeling our bodies together pretending it was a girl.

As time went on we started to get a little braver and would actually stroke ourselve a little in front of each other. I especially remember one time camping out in his backyard.

We started out the usual way and then all of a sudden 'Mick' got totally naked in front of me on top of his sleeping bag. His cock was a lot bigger than mine and was hard as a rock! He put 2 fingers across his pee hole from the side and rubbed it up and down pressing it against his stomach.

All the time I had my hairless boner in my tube sock pumping away just watching him. My eyes were so fixed on his cock and I finally asked him if I could touch it. I layed next to him, stared in his eyes, and kissed him very deep. I slid my hand over his chest and tummy and made my way to his balls. I remember how tight they were as he was jacking-off . I reached up and grabbed hold of his shaft and at the same time pressed my cock against his leg.

We never stopped kissing and I could tell he was getting close by the way he was breathing. He stopped rubbing himself and pulled me with both arms closer when all of a sudden he arched his back and shot huge globs of cum in my hand and all over his belly.

That's all I needed to take me over the edge as I humped his leg harder and harder until I shot my milky load, wrapping my legs around his. We both layed there panting like dogs holding each other for a few minutes and later cleaned up with our socks.

We still both live in the same town and see each now and then but have never talked about it. He really was a great friend and now we're both very happily married.



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