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Six Years With a Jo Buddy-the Beginning

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This is the first time my good friend and I jerked off together, we continued to do so with each other for another six years!


Rick (not his real name, to protect the guilty!) and I were next door neighbors and good friends. I will tell you about our bodies in a bit! We lived on adjacent farms, and our families were close, making us kids as we grew up almost fixtures in the other's home. We both had siblings whose ages were similar, just as Rick and I were close in age. We had a path through the fields and woods that ran from his house to our house.

The summer we were both 13 we wanted to go camping. His family had a cow pasture that was wooded, hilly and had a small river winding through the pasture. It was like a park as the cows kept the grass eaten short. Well, we got our parents to agree to us buying a little canvas pup tent and to go camping. We strapped all our gear on our bikes and rode the mile or so to the pasture. We had already scoped out a great little flat spot on the bend of the river, down in the valley so it seemed to us as though we were a thousand miles from civilization and back a hundred years in time! We got our camp set up and ran around the woods. As dusk set in, we decided to go swimming. We were wearing cut off jeans, and according to the style of the day, the cut offs inseams were VERY short, perhaps an inch! (late 1960's)The short cut offs really showed off our young legs, in Rick's case, long athletic legs with dark hair that made me very envious of him! Rick was already tall, eventually reaching 6'2' adult height. Rick was athletic with wide chest and squared off shoulders, muscular from his work on the farm, and a flat hard stomach. I loved it when he would stretch and show his dark arm pit hair! I was shorter, finally growing out of my 'baby fat' so not as toned, and I was pissed off that I still had very little hair on my legs. So we peeled off our T shirts and went swimming. The river was perhaps waist deep, 30 feet wide in that area. We had a great time, swimming, feeling the moving water push past us, and like any teen in the water, we started splashing each other! Splashing led to dunking each other, which lead to throwing river mud at each other which lead to grabbing each other and smearing mud on each other! After a bit of that, we washed off and got the mud washed out of our hair and bodies. We had to help each other as that mud stuck hard to everything!

At this point I guess you see it what might be coming next. Ha Ha, soon! So here we were, standing in the river waist deep, its starting to get pretty dark but you could still see fairly well close up. We stood facing each other, a couple feet apart laughing about how much fun we were having. Simultaneously we both kinda got quiet and looked around as if to assure ourselves that no one was around, and we decided to try 'skinny dipping'. Since neither wanted to be punked by the other we removed our cut offs and held those above the water and on the count of three threw them to the shore near the tent. Then, we removed our underwear and held those up and on the count of three tossed them to the shore. Now we were both naked in the river! We talked about how it felt, very daring and naughty! Oh, and the flowing water felt great too pushing past our young cocks and our pubes! We spent some time swimming. We started teasing each other about the fish or turtles mistaking each others cocks for worms, or teasing back that 'my worm would choke a fish!' etc. Well, teens being teens, we started splashing each other and that lead to dunking each other and that lead to throwing mud at each other and that lead to wrestling trying to smear mud on each other! We both tried to take a hand full of mud and plaster the others cock and balls. BONERS!!!

It was almost like POW, things changed in that instant that the mud wrestling discovered boners! We stopped instantly, stood facing each other in silence. Up to this point I had never seen, much less touched another guys hard cock! I wanted to see his! I said, 'I will show you mine if you show me yours!' We agreed to gradually stand up in shallower water, and it was like 'up periscope' as our hard erect teen cocks poked out of the water! Both of our cocks were rock hard, standing up proud and tight against our stomachs! Our pubes were caked in mud! I then noticed Rick's nuts, OMG they were huge! Mine are like small walnut size, his were like a pair of ripe tomatoes! Huge! At the time, I saw that his cock appeared to be slightly longer than mine, mine was thicker. We were both cut, his cock head a bit pointed and more slender than his straight shaft. My cock head is a big mushroom, as big or thicker than my slightly banana curved shaft. I cant recall how long we were then, I will tell in another story about the time we took complete measurements eager to show our growth to each other!

So there we were, standing in the dark in the river caked with mud, two very hard cocks in the wild air. We took turns helping each other wash and rub off the river mud. Just as before when we were in our cut offs, it just seemed natural to wash each other. I couldn't believe that my hand was moving down my buddies stomach and rubbing off the mud. I could feel his pubes with my fingers as mud was washed away. My hand was bumping against his boner. My hand washed along his nuts on his leg, brushing those huge sacks on the back of my hand! I just about cummed when Rick was returning the washing favor, rubbing the mud with water all around my junk, bumping against my throbbing cock. It was so incredible!

All cleaned up, we crawled up the river bank naked as the day we were born, grabbed our towels and watched each other as we dried off. Before this we had always been shy, if we had gone swimming or slept over at each others houses, we would never have let the other see our privates! But now, we openly stared at our still hard cocks. When dried, we crawled into the tent and laid side by side on our sleeping bags, making no effort to cover ourselves. Rick broke the ice and told me that his boner would never go down unless he took care of business, and I agreed. We tentatively started to stroke our hard cocks obviously engrossed in watching each other stroke. I had never been so hard in my life! As we stroked we talked about how good it felt when we were skinny dipping, and how good it felt when we washed the mud off from our pubes...I reached over and took Ricks hand off of his cock, and for the first time in my life, touched a person sexually! I wanted to make him feel so good, it felt so incredible to stroke myself as I stroked him! It didn't last long, as he put his hand on my cock and took over the stroking of my cock! In no time at all, I could feel Rick's cock go super hard and throb and twitch, and feel his body go tense, it was just what my own body was starting to do, so I knew he was about to shoot with me! He spurted a long string of cum that landed on his chest and laid a line of cum to his navel! Again and again he shot til there were about five lines of cum on his panting stomach! That set me off and I blasted my own flood of cum, filling my navel full of jizz!

We cleaned up and laid there, amazed at how awesome that had been! After a bit, we got hard again, and again stroked each other simultaneously, but this time we were telling each other how to adjust the stroke or rhythm or hold to best suit our pleasure! In no time we cummed again. We were talking about what we each did to make it feel best, and so we watched each other stroke our own cocks, demonstrating how we did ourselves. Of course, we brought ourselves to our third orgasm of the night! But wait, there's more, we now had to stroke each other using the methods the cock's owner had just demonstrated. Ha ha, of course, cum number four! Cums numbered five and six made sure our new skills in pleasing the other were well learned!

I will tell more stories of our later sessions if you are interested. Hope you enjoyed hearing about how Rick and I discovered the joys of helping our buddy feel great!



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