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Some Unexpected Help

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My Teen Experiences PT. 2

Picking up the day after part one. When I got to school the next day and found Joe, I told him about my first success the night before. He congratulated me and asked me if I wanted to come over after school and show him. I was hoping he'd ask and I happily agreed. How could I say know after all the advice he'd given me. Besides that I was looking forward to seeing him cum again too. When we got to his house after school, we went down to the basement rec room to hang out. Joe had some of his Dad's mags for us to look at. We both sat on the couch and looked at the pics of hot sluts spreading their lips. About ten minutes in he asked if I was hard and ready to go. I pulled my shorts down and began stroking my cock. As I stroked we talked about how I had done it the night before. By now I was far more in tune with the sensations I was feeling and could feel it building. Joe then totally shocked me and asked if I'd like him to stroke my cock for me. I was speechless for a moment. As much fun as all this was, I was worried for a second that this might be crossing a line. I knew we both had serious interest in girls at school and our preference in porn was hot busty women. He reassured me that this was strictly for kicks. Two good friends enjoying themselves and helping each other out. I thought for a second, and seeing as how my cock was hard and throbbing, I said go ahead.

He reached over with his right hand and went to work. He was an experienced stroker and knew what he was doing. The feeling of another hand on my penis was fantastic. I doubt I lasted two minutes when I started cumming. This was only my second time ever and it was different than the first. This time there was more cum and the first couple pulses shot up a few inches and landed near my belly button. It felt awesome. I asked Joe if he'd ever stroked any other friends. He said only one other, Steve, a mutual friend of ours. I was surprised, but Joe said he really enjoyed it too. So, he said, would you mind stroking me off now. I was actually very curious and willing. He pulled his shorts down and I reached over and took his semi-hard cock in my hand. I started slowly, checking it out. I never held a penis other than mine. He had a remarkably large head which I squeezed and played with. I then took a grip on his shaft and started stroking firmly. Joe started moaning a little, saying it felt great.

After a few minutes he instructed me to ring my finger and thumb right under the crown of his head and jiggle really fast. Within seconds he was cumming. Joe could really cum. Some flew up on his chest and some landed on my forearm. I remember thinking that I hoped I'd start cumming like that soon with more practice. We got cleaned up and started chatting. He asked if I had fun. My head was still spinning from all this new activity, but I said yes, definitely, a lot. He said cool, so you think you want to do this now and then. I said, yes, certainly. He asked me if he could tell Steve and if maybe the three of us could have some fun sometime. I said sure, no problem, but I needed to practice a little more before that. He chuckled and said he was sure that wouldn't be a problem. That experience will follow in PT. 3



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