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Donovan's First Time

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Donovan (we all called him Donny) was a math wizard. I'm no dummy myself, but where I had to read the math book to figure out the stuff, all Donny had to do is see the problem and most of the time he can do it with a little thought. We were in eighth grade Algebra together.

Donny had a big problem with people wanting to be 'study partners' who actually wanted Donny to do all the work. So when he realized that I could do the work myself, he offered to be study partners. Boy, did I jump at that chance!

Donny was pretty much a typical nerd, but without the glasses. He didn't always look at you when you were talking with him, and he never looked a girl in the eye. That's how I knew he liked girls. Some of the kids thought he was gay, but he was just shy; except when it came to math.

So he came over my house after school. Mom invited us into the kitchen to have a snack. Donny mumbled thanks while looking at the floor. I wondered if that was a bulge forming in his jeans or just a fold in the cloth. It's not that my mom isn't pretty, because she is. It's just that she was wearing her normal work-around-the-house clothes.

I ignored it and spread my book and notepad on the table. Donny followed my example. As we talked about the problems, Donny's eyes kept wandering to my mom's butt, as she was doing her once-a-month strip and wax the floor routine. I wondered what Donny's bulge was like now.

I 'accidentally' dropped my pencil. I took a good look while 'trying' to pick it up. Donny's hard-on went halfway down his thigh. I couldn't help grinning when I sat back down.

'What's so funny?' he asked. I decided to take the circumstances and run. 'My, what a big hard-on you have, Grandma!' I chuckled quietly.

Donny turned three shades of red. 'Its okay. I get them too,' I whispered

Donny smiled a little bit. 'You want to see some really nice butt?' I asked, feeling my own hard-on forming. Donny looked at me questioningly. 'Come on,' I said and led the way to the computer room.

My dad had his favorite pics all sorted by view. (So did my mom, mostly for a friendly revenge, but we weren't interested in her pics.) I pulled the 'Ass' folder out of the filing cabinet and opened it to the first one. Donny's eyes popped out of his head while my dick tried to pop out of my pants.

'Let's go to my room,' I suggested. Donny followed me as if in a trance. When we got to my room, I laid a few of the pictures out on my bed, and then dropped my pants. Donny glanced at my bulging underwear, but didn't get the message. I reached down and tugged at his pants to give him a stronger hint. He looked back at me and gulped.

With his pants down, I could tell Donny had a whopper. I grinned at the head of his penis peeking out from the bottom of his boxers. I dropped my briefs and let my dick come to attention. Donny stared for a minute at Mr. Glory, and then dropped his boxers.

'Don't get any on the pictures,' I advised as I started pumping.

Seeing his hand around his huge penis made me want to hold such a monster too. Now I was turning red, not knowing how to deal with the new feeling of wanting to touch a boy. I aimed straight up as this thought pushed me over the top and felt the cum hit my chin. I sat back and watched Donny shoot too. I was disappointed with how little cum he shot.

Over the school year we did 'math' homework a couple times a week together. I think Donny got a view of my dad's entire filing cabinet.



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