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Well a year ago when I just finished junior year I went to my mother's friends son's graduation party from high school, he also had a 14-year-old younger brother who was a very shy boy.

They had this pool in their back yard and I was walking by minding my own business until a young woman bumped into me and made me fall into the pool, it wasn't clean either. The owner of this home offered me a shower, and I didn't see why I shouldn't take the offer up. When I got in it was a very nice bathroom and they even have a little doorway to keep their towels in.

When I was in the shower washing my body I thought I spotted a black figure and when I quickly opened the door. It was the 14-year-old younger brother in his black clothes. Of course I said, 'what are you doing here?' he didn't say anything just blushed and looked at my nipples as I hid my bottom half of my body.

So I said 'be gone, you shouldn't be in here when your guest is taking a shower.' and I made a gesture that anyone would do with their hand to shoo them away. But he just started crying and said 'but I like you.' I didn't know how I should respond to that. Besides he was only 13 and I was 16, so I was worried he wouldn't understand what sexual attachment is and I didn't want to be the one to 'officially turn him gay' since everyone knew that sexual interest in the same sex is in the genes. But he just started touching his crotch and I was surprised at his movement and his tears. So I then said. 'What do you mean like?' he just blushed and looked down. Out of the blue then I finally said 'do you want to join me in the shower?' he looked right up at me with his cute green eyes and nodded quickly. 'Hop in' I said as he then started taking off his clothes the fastest he could. Then hopped in with me. I was surprised at his body he was a little buff but I forgot he's in karate class and it was cute he was barely growing his pubic hair.

Then when we both were wet. He stared at my dick and just feeling his glance got me semi-hard and he was pretty tall for his height so he was only a two inch shorter than me. He looked up shyly and said, 'it's so big, can I touch it?' I didn't see why I should say no since he was already in the shower with me. I nodded and when he reached for my dick, he started rubbing my big balls with his little hands or it looks little because my dick was big and it made me gasp for air and I moaned slightly and when I took a glance at his dick, his little penis was getting a major boner standing straight up in his 30 strings of hair.

I reached down to his dick and started playing with his rod as he plays with mine. He was squeaking a little yet moaning as I was and he then leaned his head against my neck and when we were close to the last stage we pressed our dicks together and I started shooting. But he didn't and I realized his dick didn't produce cum yet.

We'll see what happens next. But boy that was fun.



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