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First Stroke

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What I learned was fantastic


Last week my friend Biggsy and myself were together just hanging out. We were by ourselves with no one else at my grandmother's house. We were talking to each other and he asked me if it came out. I did not know what he was talking about. I guess I am pretty dumb, but I had no idea what. He is fourteen years old and much more mature than I am. After he asked that question, he dropped his pants and started to play with himself. I could not believe that he was doing that, but I did not say anything as I enjoyed looking at his dick which was uncircumcised just like me. He is the first one I have ever seen uncut. I was the only one in gym uncut as every boy I have seen is cut, so I feel like I don't fit-in. So it was great seeing that there was another guy just like me.

Next thing I knew, Biggsy was pulling on his dick and it got real big, at least seven inches long! My dick is only four inches, so I felt that something was the matter with myself. Anyway, after watching him, I dropped my pants also and had a hard-on. I felt kind of embarrassed since my dick is only four inches and I still have no hair. Nor have I ever played with myself before this happened.

After watching him pull on his dick a few times, I told him I would like to feel his dick since I was so fascinated by it. He said OK, so I grabbed his dick and it felt great. Such fullness I had never had in my hand before, my dick got harder and he reached over and held my dick. I started to pull on his dick, but I guess I pulled too hard on it as he told me to do it slower. His dickhead would become uncovered so I guess my pulling so fast or hard hurt him.

He told me to stop pulling on him and he showed me how to do him by pulling on my dick. I did not have the same problem he had as my dick skin moves over my dickhead very easily, his was like it was cemented to his dickhead. He only used two fingers on my dick, starting at the head on the back which felt fantastic. So, I did the same to him but concentrated on the top part of his dick only, mainly just around his covered dickhead.

We kept jerking each other and all of a sudden he started to push his hips back and forth and was breathing heavily. This started after we had been playing with each other for about ten minutes. I had no idea what was happening to him but I could see he was enjoying whatever I was doing to him, plus he was pulling on my dick faster and squeezing it harder than before. I started to have this funny feeling in my dick, it was almost like pain and I almost pulled away from his hand, but it felt so weird I could only pull away and come back for more. I did not know what was happening to me. Whatever it was, I liked it.

All of a sudden, he started to really scream, that whatever was happening to him he could not stand, so knowing I was in control of his dick, without knowing what would happen to him or myself. He started to really buck his hips but did not stop me from jacking him. I loved to jack his dick as I am gay but have never been with another boy. I started to jerk it real fast until all of this white stuff shot over my face, shoulders and chest. I had no idea what it was since I had never jerked off before, but I knew I liked it. I stood up in shock and he smiled and reached down and grabbed my dick and pulled on it some more. He told me to kiss him and I did and I shot white stuff as soon as I kissed him. Man, it was great!!! I never had white stuff before or even played with myself until we got together.

What a great time. I hope we do it again, especially jerking his dick.



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