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Fun in Speedos

Posted by: Age: 19 (15 then) Posted on: 3 comments
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Reposting a story I made from the old SoloTouch site. I was only 15 when I wrote this, so not very well written and probably unrealistic. Hopefully some can enjoy though! As much as I'd like this story to be true, it is entirely fictional.

I'm 15 and I have a 13 year old friend named Jason. In the summer, I was at the local swimming pool with my family. A few minutes after I had entered the pool, I saw a friendly wave from Jason, who had just come in. I told my family that I would swim with Jason for a while. At the time I was wearing plain blue speedos and Jason was wearing black boardshorts with blue stripes down the side. I swum with Jason for a while before we sat on the gutter along the edge of the pool. 'Nice speedos,' he said. 'Yeah, they're cool. You ever worn one?' I asked. 'Nope' After we finished swimming and talking, both of us headed to the changing rooms. There, we showered together with our swimsuits on. Suddenly, Jason pulled his boardshorts down to reveal his semi-erect penis, giving it a wash under the water. 'You look nice in your speedo,' he said, and soon I started to have a boner of my own. 'Thanks. Maybe we should buy one for you someday.' A few weeks later, we had our chance. After school we both went to the local shopping complex and looked through stores for speedos. We found a sports store with a huge section of speedos- three long rows of them towards the back of the store. Jason grabbed a few different speedos and asked me to go with him to the change rooms. When we got there, we saw no-one near us, and so we went inside a cubicle together. The changing cubicle was quite large, with lots of floor space. I had a quick look through Jason's selection of speedos and before I knew it he had stripped down to his underpants. From this point I could tell he had a semi-erection. His penis stuck out straight in front of him. Then he asked me to hand over a pair of speedos to try on. 'Here, I'll help you,' I said. I went over to Jason and pulled his undies down fast, making his penis bob up and down slowly. 'Hey be gentle!' he said. 'Sorry, I will be,' I replied. I then grabbed a red pair of speedos, knelt down in front of Jason and held it in front of him, stretching it so he could put his legs through. 'Hop in,' I directed. He placed his legs inside the speedo and I began to slide the speedo up his legs. A few centimetres from his penis, I stopped sliding it up further. I then tightened one hand on the speedo so it would drop back down, and reached for his balls with my other hand. I tickled his balls and he giggled a bit. His penis began to slowly rise, and soon enough it was fully erect. At that moment I pulled his speedo up and let him tighten the string and make himself comfortable in it. 'Wow, that feels awesome,' he said as he looked into the mirror. 'I'm taking this one'. Without further hesitation, Jason slipped off his red speedos, changed back,paid for the speedos and we left to go to my house. My parents both worked and got back at 7 at night. It was 4 in the afternoon, and the sun was still fairly hot. When we reached my house, we went straight to my bedroom. 'Hey, let's wear our speedos!' Jason suggested. We changed into our speedos. Jason had the plain red ones he just bought and I had the light blue ones I wore to swimming. With just our speedos on, we lied on my queen size bed, resting on our sides and huddled close together, facing each other. It was then that I asked Jason if he masturbated. 'What's that?' he asked. It seemed like he really didn't know. 'I'll show you' I said. I asked him to loosen his speedo but still keep it on, and I loosened mine as well. Then I asked him to lie on top of me, facing me so our boners would touch. He was shorter than me- the hair on his head just touching my nose. As he got comfortable I reached inside his speedo and massaged his bum. Jason let our a small groan as I worked my way under his bum to his balls and massaged them as well. More groans. His penis was extremely hard now, and the friction between our penises and speedos was the most amazing sensation I ever felt. Now, I began to move up and down my bed and started to groan as well. We were rubbing our cocks together and turned as we rubbed. Soon we were back on our sides again. 'And now, I do this,' I said and reached to feel his penis inside his speedo. Jason's cock was 5 1/2 inches, pretty decent for his age. He had little pubic hair and was uncircumcised. I pulled down my speedo to my knees and asked him to lie on top of me again, so my boner could be in between his bum and I could jack him off while giving myself a nice pleasurable time as well! When he got into position, I pulled gently up and down at his foreskin, speeding up slowly. 'Oh, this feels so good,' he groaned out. 'Yeah, it's cool,' I agreed. Soon he asked me to stop, and he said he felt something was going to come out of his penis. 'Don't worry it's just cum,' I assured him. 'Um...' 'Relax. Just think of anything sexy' Jason closed his eyes as I jacked him harder and harder. Then, he stiffened his body, squirmed, straightened his legs and tensed so that four or five long ropes of cum shot out of his penis. Underneath him, I began to shoot at the sight of his cum. But since I masturbated often, it wasn't as much as him. 'Woah, that was awesome!' Jason cried and I smiled at him. When the fun was all over, we cleaned up and changed back to our normal clothes. Jason said he would wear his speedos again soon...



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