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Sharing Eroica With Jenny

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This is an account of masturbation and sharing erotica with a young woman. The conversation is from recollection, but the events occurred as depicted.


Jenny lived upstairs from me in 1979 and worked in my office. We had become friends and I had offered her the upstairs apartment in my duplex. She was a young blond, with cute slender frame, from a small town in mid-Michigan. Jenny was working in her first serious job. She was proud, happy, and looking for new friends. I was divorced, no kids, and no girlfriend. I was attracted to Jenny.
We got to know each other as neighbors and began to probe each other about interests. I was ten years older than her. As was the custom among youngsters at this time, Jenny was very open and honest about her sex life. In the course of telling me that she would not be having many overnight visitors, she explained that she was not a virgin, but had little experience. She said to me with a direct look into my eyes,' I intend to change that, but I am very selective!'
One Saturday morning, as we were chatting in the shared hallway, I asked what she meant by her comment about wanting more experience. She said, 'Lots of things I haven't done are...well... interesting.' and turned away with a blush. I said I had magazines with stories about some of those things and asked if she would like to borrow some. She turned back to me with bright red cheeks and said, 'Could I? I mean, yeah, that would be super!'
I was referring to a well-known text magazine, which details fetishes through letters from people with first hand accounts. Later, I learned these are simply written to appear as letters...but they were real to us at the time. I went into my apartment and retrieved a handful of magazines. I was not actively dating and used the letters to jerk off. I was particularly fond of multiple partner letters, threesomes, voyeurism, and exhibitionism.
Jenny took the magazines with a sheepish grin and closed her door. I immediately began to fantasize about her. What would she do? Would she be shocked? Had I lost a friend because of the explicit nature of some of the fetish letters? I realized I had not warned her about all the more extreme fetishes... but didn't want to appear to be hitting on her by going back to bother her, so I just let it go. Then, as I settled back into my chair I realized that I was powerfully excited. I walked to my bedroom and pulled down my pants. My cock was stiff. There was a wet spot at the tip, which was showing through my briefs. As I lowered my briefs, I gripped my shaft and began to stroke. I lay on the bed and fisted my penis. Soon, the semen spurted onto my stomach and I realized that Jenny was a major sexual presence in my life.
Sunday, I was working around the house. I had the football game on television and was listening as I passed through the rooms doing my work. Soon, it became clear that I needed to get into the attic, which was accessed through Jenny's apartment. I had heard her moving about for a couple of hours. Since it was after midday, I was comfortable knocking and asking to have access later in the day.
I climbed the stairs and it was quiet from the other side of the door. I knocked and said 'Jenny, can you come to the door for a minute?' There was a rustle, and then her voice from behind the door.
'Yes?' she said softly.
'Listen, I'm sorry to bother you, but I need to get into the attic later today. Do you suppose you could let me do some work up there later?'
'Oh, it's you John!' she said and opened the door a rack.
'Sure, it's no problem...do you want to come in now?' she said as she peered around the edge of the door.
I stood in the hall and considered her suggestion. I was thinking about the tools I needed. She opened the door a bit more and showed me a bare shoulder.
I stammered, 'Uh... maybe this isn't a really convenient time.'
She grinned and said, 'I have really been enjoying those magazines you lent me. Why don't you come in? Can you take a break? I'll make some coffee.' Without waiting for a response, she opened the door and said, 'I have some things to show you anyway,' and she walked toward the kitchen, to reveal the back of a proudly naked body...not a stitch on. Though I couldn't see it, I sensed a smile on her face, as I watched her buns flex down the hallway.
As I stepped further into her apartment, I realized that I might not get the work done that I intended, but decided that might be all right. I was too nervous and horny to follow Jenny. I diverted into the living room and waited.
She spoke from the kitchen, 'How do you take your coffee? Do you use cream and sugar?' We chatted about what work was needed in the attic. I stayed discreetly tucked away in the living room and simply raised my voice to speak. When she reappeared Jenny had put on a t-shirt that reached to her mid-thigh. She handed me my mug and sat down on the couch with her legs tucked under her. As she wrapped her slender fingers around her mug, the power of my attraction made me speechless. Her beautiful pussy was clearly exposed beneath her folded legs. She smiled and gestured under the couch. The magazines were neatly stacked beneath the couch.
She looked directly at me and said; 'I was just reading one, when you knocked.'
'Oh...um... I'm glad you like them. Was there something in particular you wanted to ask about?' I was still not clear about what was happening here. Jenny was in her young 20s. It was not clear that she was making an offer; perhaps she was just experimenting and flirting. I would be cool, but available.
'Well, some of these are pretty wild...but some of them really turned me on. That's why I was naked, you know?'
'Well, yeah that's what I do too...'
'Really...you uh...
'Sure, I masturbate, Jenny.' I said, looking away from her probing eyes.
'Hmmmm ...which letters interest you?' she inquired. 'I'm wondering if we like the same ones.'
'Well, here let me look.' I moved to the couch as she reached under it to hand me a magazine. I opened it to a section with threesome letters and turned it for her to see.
'Yeah,' she purred, 'I read that and almost came without even touching myself.' She looked into my eyes and asked, 'Have you ever done that?'
'No-touch coming or threesomes?' I asked with a grin.
'Either...both...Oh God, this is exciting isn't it?' she squirmed. 'I'm dripping...see?' With that comment, she uncoiled her legs and spread them to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy. She was completely moistened. Her woman fragrance was powerful and pleasant. She said quietly 'You like?'
I replied 'That is the prettiest pussy I have ever seen.'
She groaned,'Then, touch it, please. I'm about to go nuts, if I don't come right now!' I reached for her and pushed without penetrating her with my finger. She arched up against my hand and began gasping for air. She humped my hand and grabbed it to pull it harder to her clitoris. The friction on her bud was the trick...she began to orgasm...hard. She gasped, then flushed bright pink, and moaned. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. Her body was stiff as she pushed into my hand. After her spasms subsided, she opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled.
'Well, I guess you know more about me now, don't you?' she murmured as she put my hand to her lips to lick her juices. 'John, I've never done anything remotely like this, but I sure would like to do more of this with you.
'Me too,' I replied, looking down at my bulging jeans.
Jenny continued, 'And I can tell you that after we get to know each other...and trust each other...that I want to do everything with you...like a threesome with another guy.' She whispered in my ear, 'I want a cock in my mouth while your cock is in my pussy...which is where I want it right now!' The rest of that autumn proved to be just as Jenny envisioned.



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