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Susan taught me about two things, control and the clitoris.


I learned to masturbate at scout camp in the summer between sixth and seventh grade. I had been getting erections form time to time and had a basic understanding of sex but really had no idea.

One night a bunch of the boys were talking about 'it'. I really did not understand what they were going on about and just played along as if I knew. Luckily, another boy was brave and honest enough to ask how to do it and the other boys explained in detail how they masturbated. There was no big group jerk-off session or anything like that. I recall getting hard that night but not touching myself.

When I got home the next week, one night I tried what had been explained to me. I just took my penis in my fist, gripping the head through my foreskin and rubbing it up and down. The faster I went, the better it felt until I had an orgasm. At the time, I was not ejaculating. It felt good but I thought it was a very special and personal thing and unlike my friends who bragged about jerking-off three and four times a day, I kept it to myself. Once a week was enough for me. When it was time to masturbate I always tried to do it at fast as I could. I was always worried about getting caught but I also wanted to experience the pleasure of the orgasm as soon as I could.

This changed when I was 15, thanks to my second cousin Susan. I recall it was in December of 1980, the weekend after John Lennon was murdered.

Susan and her family had come to stay for the weekend. I had not seen her in several years. The last time she was a skinny 13 year old, but now she was a tall full figured 18 year old girl. And a punk-rocker: all black make-up and fish-net stockings.

In the afternoon she asked me if the was a store close by as she wanted to buy some cigarettes. Thinking it would be cool to be seen with my punk-rock cousin we walked to the store together in the rain like something out a movie. After buying the cigarettes, we went behind the building so Susan could smoke out of the rain.

We talked for a moment and then she said to me:

'You're 15, right?

'Yes', I replied

'So, do you jack all the time?'

Not knowing what to say I said 'sometimes'

Susan then gave me a sly look and said 'show me your dick'

Without a second thought I unzipped my fly and pulled my penis out. I was happy to see that I was already getting hard and thought Susan would think I was big.

Susan reached out and took my penis in her hand, gently squeezing the head. With her other hand she pulled my foreskin back and after spitting on her hand she expertly caressed the head until I came. This took about 10 seconds.

'Man I hardly touched you' she said laughing and wiping my semen off her hands onto her jeans.

In silence we walked home. When we got to the end of the driveway, she whispered to me 'That was fun, let's do it again tomorrow'

That night I could hardly sleep. I masturbated several times thinking about what had happened and what might happen the following day.

The next day was Sunday. We all went to Mass and then my mother had a huge lunch for about 1000 of my relatives. Susan looked really hot in very tight 50s style dress. After eating Susan and I managed to avoid washing up duty and snuck off to the garage together to get away from everybody.

I was very horny and desperate not to lose my chance. I asked her to show me her vagina as she had seen my dick. She said I could see but not touch as she had her period. Unzipping her dress she was naked except for her panties. Her breasts were large with big brown nipples. She stood back from me and with one leg up on the bumper of my dad's Dodge, Susan pulled her panties to the side exposing her pussy. I really could not see anything but hair and pink skin. Opening her legs wider, she showed me the entrance to her vagina and the tampon string that was hanging down.

Not able to help myself, I reached forward and touched her mound. At first Susan pushed my hand away but then she put my hand on her pussy and let me feel around. I remember being amazed at how warm and moist it was. I tried to slide my finger directly into her vagina but she would not let me.

After a few minutes of this she said; 'lets see your dick again'

I pulled my pants down and again she took me in her hands. This time she got me to lie down on the dirty floor and she proceeded to very slowly jerk me off. Each time I felt like I was going to come she would stop for a moment before going on again. When she finally let me come it was the best orgasm I had ever had.

As she was putting her dress back on I again reached out and touched her. This time she allowed me to slide a finger up in her vagina. I could feel the tampon and she warned me not to push it too far in while saying that what I was doing felt really good. She pulled away from me and sat on the car bumper with her legs spread wide. She rubbed her clitoris in a circular motion for a few moments until she came with a grunt. I could clearly see the opening of her vagina contract rhythmically as she came.

We got dressed and went back into the house. Susan's family left that night and the next time I saw her was at her wedding.



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