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Wife's Secret Masturbation

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Finding evidence of my wife's masturbation habits-so not strictly Male-Female, but kind of.


I love to masturbate! I have been obsessed with it ever since I first discovered it. I've really enjoyed this website for several years and am finally deciding to contribute my own story.

Now my wife and I are still pretty young (late twenties) and have been together since college. We have a good marriage and a good sex life when we do have sex, which is a little infrequent-my wife has never been that sexual a person. So I end up masturbating constantly-which I do anyway, even when we are having lots of sex. But I always wondered about her masturbation habits.

She is shy about masturbation and, as I said, generally doesn't have a very high sex drive, but I know she does masturbate (she at least admits that). So I have for some time tried to catch her masturbating and have increasingly been more interested in her secret albeit infrequent solo sessions. Over the years I've done my best to find out evidence and traces of this activity.

One day a couple years ago I was using my wife's computer and started typing an internet address into the browser when it automatically suggested a porn website! I was floored because my wife had always said that 'porn wasn't for her' and that she didn't like it (however, there was one solitary instance several years before this where I noticed she watched some of the porn saved on my computer, but that only happened once). So now very curious I searched her browsing history for this website and hit gold ... it seems that about once or twice a month she'd visit this one site and watch either one movie or tons of them!

I was so excited that I caught her-even if it wasn't in the act, I caught her. My heart was pounding and I became so incredibly horny, my instantly and impossibly hard dick aching to be touched. I knew she would be home soon, but I just had to masturbate to HER porn on HER computer! I started to rub the head of my dick through my jeans, already soaked through with precum. I was so shocked to see the titles of the movies that she had masturbated to: while there seemed to be a variety, she was evidently into watching threesomes and gangbangs, anal sex, and also lesbian videos. Wow! I was increasingly more shocked, getting increasingly more honry-but I had to be quick, she'd be back soon. Though, it turned me on more to think that she might catch me masturbating over her porn.

So I quickly unzipped my pants and felt my hard and slippery dick grow even harder as I started to stroke. I was watching the last video she watched, a threesome with one guy and two girls. As I was jacking I kept thinking of her secretly fingering her clit to this movie . . . wondering when during the movie did she cum. That thought put me over the edge and my hand started going faster and faster, as I imagined her hand did when she watched this. I could feel my orgasm grow and suddenly as my moans corresponded to those on the computer (and my wife's the day before)I stroked once more and erupted cum all over myself-several strong spurts that even hit my face! As I calmed down I still couldn't believe that my wife DID masturbate and DID watch porn, it wasn't just my fantasy.

Since then I've continued to surveil her masturbation sessions and developed even better methods to 'catch' her-luckily videotaping her secret masturbation a couple of times! Now, I know some might think it's wrong to 'spy' on my wife in this way, but me being able to enjoy her secret masturbation helps me not get frustrated by or pressure her about our vastly different sex drives.

I have more stories to tell, but I must go masturbate!



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