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Sharing Angela's Pleasure (4)

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The link is to a memorable massage story.


Angela and Christine had made plans to give each other an erotic massage. Neither had much experience of massage but were tempted by some stories on Solo Touch. They would do it on a single bed with a firm base and mattress in Angela's spare room. They had organised plenty of oil to use. After showering together in their sensual way they spent quite a long time treating themselves to an extra body shave. They wanted to be absolutely smooth, right to the edge of their outer pussy lips and everywhere else. The two cameras had already been moved into position.

This is how Christine described the experience of massaging Angela: 'She first lay on her front while I spent some time massaging her arms, neck, shoulders and back before moving to her legs. After massaging her calves I worked up the swelling thighs to the firm rounded cheeks of her shapely bottom. All I did was move my hands in a circular motion, sliding over and squeezing. Angela's muscles relaxed and I slid a hand between her buttocks and massaged within the cleft using my finger tips to circle round her small tight anus. This too relaxed so I gently massaged inside the rim.

'She rolled on to her back and my hands were soon sliding up and down the inside of her thighs which were soft yet muscular, and slippery with oil. With each each upward motion they crept higher and higher until they were massaging her mound and belly. Soon her smooth outer labia were also receiving attention with my thumbs close to her neat slit. As imperceptibly Angela opened her legs wider, my thumbs and forefingers began to trace the inner contours of her vulva. Each time they worked upwards, the hood of her clitoris also moved back, revealing the glans, pale pinkish purple and glistening.

'Angela was moaning, her fingers grasping her nipples, as I continued sliding my fingers up and down on either side of her hard clit stem, the glans slipping in and out of its hood. She loved this wanking technique which she often did for herself. In fact she several times used two fingers of one hand to hold back the hood and I knew at once what she desired-for me to stimulate and tease this super-sensitive swollen pearl in the most exquisite way I could. The effect was electric.'

Massage was now overtaken by masturbation. Christine knelt between Angela's quivering thighs, put a cushion under buttocks , slid her left middle finger into Angela's anus and vibrated her throbbing clit. In no time Angela's back was arching, and she was gasping and crying out as her muscles tensed and contracted, her body convulsing violently with the first explosive orgasm. Others followed in quick succession as Christine touched her intimately with expert timing, speed and pressure for forty minutes. Angela was on hands and knees for some of the time

Christine could not wait for massage.She found urgent relief astride one of Angela's thighs, humping it to beautiful climax. They then adjusted their legs to a scissor position. Christine set the rhythm, their pussies grinding together, hands grasping fleshy thighs. She moved frantically until she came with waves of pleasure. They took turns to set the pace, getting clits rubbing together and sometimes achieving wild simultaneous orgasms.

Breathless, sweating and exhausted yet totally fulfilled, they could hardly believe the intensity and beauty of erotic pleasure each could experience, give and share. One in her forties and the other in her fifties, it just seemed to get better and better



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