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Proving Something

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Doreen and I were having coffee at her house and discussing the fact that neither of us have had sex with a man in a long time. I have been divorced for a year and Doreen for almost two. We both shared the fact that we masturbate but it's just not the same. Doreen went on to tell me that she actually puts some of her cum in her mouth. Now I have heard countless stories of women cumming and producing quantities of fluid and I have always taken them with the proverbial grain of salt. I get moist inside my vagina but that's about all.

Doreen says that she ejaculates fluid when she cums and quite a bit of it. I told her I just found that hard to believe. After a very long pause Doreen offered to show me. I thought she was kidding and I just laughed. She had a straight face and told me she was serious. I said, 'you are going to masturbate in front of me?' She said, 'why not?' I said, 'I can't believe this.' Doreen got up and grabbed me by my hand and led me to her bedroom.

I'm now getting a pins and needles feeling in my lower belly. Doreen takes off her jeans and her panties. I see a tiny little patch of very short pubic hair directly above her pussy. It looked real nice compared to my thick, dark bush. Doreen raised her knees and opened her legs real wide. She started to rub her clit with two fingers while putting two fingers from her other hand into her pussy. She was finger fucking herself. I, in the meantime was getting considerably aroused just from watching this. I don't know how I could get so aroused from watching a woman masturbating but I was.

After several long minutes I could easily tell that Doreen was starting to orgasm. She arched her back and rubbed even faster and then looked at me and said, 'watch.' I brought my face very close to her open pussy and there it was. I saw fluid and it was coming out of her pee hole, not her vagina. It didn't shoot or squirt like a man it just steadily oozed out and down her butt cheek onto the bed sheet. There seemed like maybe a half an ounce of the stuff. Doreen scooped some of it from between her legs and put her fingers to my mouth. Curiosity got the best of me and I sucked at her fingers. I didn't like the taste but for some weird reason I wanted more.

I gathered some off of the sheet and put it into my mouth. God, I was so stimulated at this point and I told Doreen how I felt. I wanted to go home immediately and masturbate. Doreen told me to take off my clothes. I said, 'no.' She raised her voice and repeated her order. I removed my pants and panties and I even took off my top and bra. I wanted to be naked. What came next was wonderful. Doreen removed her top as well and we made love for nearly an hour. I had a beautiful orgasm and Doreen had a second one.

This was my first time with a woman and I loved it. Since then Doreen and I have made love quite a few times and we are always trying new things. I am now no longer horny either. Oh yes, you should see my cute little patch of hair about an inch wide and two inches long right above my totally smooth hairless cunt. I look at it daily in my full-length bedroom mirror. Doreen loves it. She has suggested that there are other friends of hers that I might enjoy meeting but I'm not sure just yet.

I'm comfortable with Doreen but I don't know about other women. I guess time will tell. I'm disappointed that I waited this long to discover the real joys of sex with a woman you really like. A month before our experience I would have said that female-female sex was weird. Boy, would I have eaten my words.



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