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Playing Doctor With My Cousin

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My cousin Lisa and I were always very close. I was an only child, and she was the youngest of four, but the only girl. We lived in the same town and were the same age, so from very early on, we were always hanging out. Even when we started school, up until we were adults, we stayed close friends, and often were hanging out together.

I remember playing doctor with Lisa. I had a toy doctor kit, which had everything a kid wanting to play doctor would want. Very innocently, we would take turns as patient and doctor, the patient getting undressed and being examined by the doctor. Nothing ever happened then, we didn't think anything of seeing each other naked or in our underwear, and we eventually gave it up when I got a Nintendo.

Once we were 13, I had started to notice that Lisa was blossoming. She was developing into a gorgeous young woman, and I had begun to fantasize playing doctor with her again, seeing her naked, and would jerk off while thinking about it. I started to become obsessed with the idea, and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it happen.

One day, Lisa was hanging out at my house. Mom was out running errands, and Dad was at work. Lisa and I were playing on my new N64, but got a little bored with it after a while. When trying to think of something to do, we began to reminisce about our youth, playing make believe, using our imaginations more. We were both feeling nostalgic for those days when you were able to entertain yourself. And suddenly it hit me.

'We could play doctor,' I blurted out. The way Lisa looked at me at first, I assumed she thought it was a stupid idea. But then she laughed, and said 'okay. Do you still have your doctor kit?' I assumed I did, and we spent a good deal of time searching through my room for it, finally discovering it deep in my closet. So, we were ready. We decided I would be the doctor first. Lisa left the room while I set up, then knocked on the door.

'Hello, Doctor,' she said, 'I'm here for my physical.' I motioned for the bed and told her 'Good afternoon. Please, undress and have a seat on the table.' I stepped out of the room to allow her to undress, then went back in. There was Lisa, sitting on my bed in just her underwear. She had on a white bra and panties with a floral design, and almost immediately, I began to get a boner. She didn't seem to notice, and so we began the 'exam.' I did the normal stuff-checked her heartbeat, blood pressure, and reflexes-before working up the courage to take it up a level.

My voice cracked when I said 'okay, now it's time for the chest exam.' Lisa nodded, and much to my delight, she reached behind her back and undid her bra. Lisa was topless. I stared at her for a moment before she smiled and asked 'aren't you going to do the exam?' I laughed a little, then did as she suggested. Lisa raised her arms up, allowing me to freely put my hands around her fairly ample breasts. I could barely keep my hands from shaking. It was the most amazing feeling I had had at that point in my life. I gently massaged her breasts, absentmindedly rubbing her hardened nipples, causing her to moan. I finally stopped, and decided to attempt to take this a step further.

'I think I should check you, um, you know, your pelvis.' I said, my voice cracking again. Lisa nodded, and laid back on the bed. I moved my hand down to her panties, lifting them and looking in. I could see a small tuft of pubic hair, but from that angle, not much else. I didn't want to push things, but Lisa said 'shouldn't you check everything out?' So, assuming she wanted me to, I pulled her panties down more. Her hair was very fine, and there wasn't too much, so I could still make out her slit. I rubbed my finger along it gently, she giggled a little, then I put her panties back in place, and told her I was done. Lisa sat up and put her bra back on. We pretended to discuss medical matters, using whatever jargon sounded right to us. When she was finished dressing, she said 'thank you,' and left the room. She came back moments later, and said to me 'your turn.'

After a minute to allow Lisa to set up, I knocked on the door. 'Come in,' I heard her yell, and opened the door. We did the same basic greeting, and then she said 'okay, get undressed and have a seat.' She waited outside the room as I stripped down to my tidey whities, then came back in. We went through the same routine, blood pressure, reflexes, and then Lisa began feeling around my neck with her hands. Her touch felt wonderful, and my boner was raging. She smiled, then nervously said 'now we can do a pelvic exam.' I nodded, then laid down on the bed. My boner was tenting my underwear, but Lisa didn't seem to notice. I began to wonder if she in any way had the same thoughts going through her head that I did, so I in no way brought attention to it.

Lisa pulled at the waistband of my underwear, looking in and seeing my light pubic patch and hard on. I couldn't believe it when she said it. 'You look all swollen there. I think I should get a closer look,' and then pulled my underwear down below my sack. My boner was sticking straight in the air. She touched it a little, and then looked me right in the eye. 'I think I know how to take care of this,' and began jacking me off. She actually seemed to know what she was doing. She lightly pulled at my hard cock, moving her hand over the head. Her rubbing was fast and methodical, and soon the rhythm did the trick. I blew my load all over Lisa's hand. She smiled, then grabbed a tissue, wiping herself off, then me.

'Okay, Tom, I'd say you're cured of your problem.' More medical jargon as I got dressed, and then the game was over.

As it turned out, Lisa had also thought about seeing me naked. And she had been told about jacking off a guy at a sleepover she went to, and wanted to try it with a real penis, so she figured I'd be a good candidate. Every once in a while, we'd play 'doctor,' and I even got to see her masturbate, and masturbate with her. She and I are still close, and I'm thinking of going to see Dr. Lisa again.



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