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My Cousin's Ex

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My cousin and his wife have divorced and they shuttle the kids back and forth to each other on the weekends. I've always maintained a good relationship with Jackie and have tried to help both of them since I am divorced too.

Sometimes Jackie will stop by my place when she's in town. One night, she didn't have a choice. Car trouble stranded her and she needed a place to stay.

I fixed dinner and we talked over a glass of wine. We've always been frank with each other. She was upset over my cousin's new girlfriend and was sure they were doing it non stop.

She told me she wasn't seeing anyone and was getting sexually frustrated. She wanted to know how I dealt with it. I told her to masturbate. Suggested this site and told her to go to an adult store and buy a toy or two.

Oh no. She said she could never do that. She would be too embarrassed to buy something like that let alone use it. Everyone would know what she was in there for. I told her unless she found a lover, her situation was not going to change. I then said 'Grab your purse, I'll take you.'

She was a bit shocked, but said yes. We drove to a store in a nearby town and went in. We looked at everything from the videos to the toys. She was quite surprised. A female clerk came over and offered to help. Jackie nearly died when I explained the situation. The clerk was great and very helpful. Explained everyone does it (which we knew) and showed Jackie several of her favorite toys and offered some pointers.

Jackie relaxed and I could tell was ready to buy. But she said she wouldn't buy something unless I bought something too. I explained I already had some devices, but she stood firm. So in the interest of Jackie's sexual satisfaction, I agreed.

The clerk was eager to continue helping, so I let her. Her and Jackie were looking over and discussing everything on the shelf, trying to find the one that would satisfy me the most. Having two women discuss in publc how to get you off is quite a turn on.

Toys in hand, (Jackie got free batteries since is was her first... a bonus from the clerk) we drove back to my house and talked about our purchases, I told Jackie to feel free to turn in early and put it to use. I wouldn't think anything of it. But she said no and said she would probably wait until she got home to experiment. Jackie said the stress of the car and seeing her ex wore her out. She was ready to turn in. So off to bed she went.

I on the oher hand was not tired and was very horny. I couldn't get the shopping experience out of my head. Two women eagerly wanting to help me find just the right tool to bring me an orgasm played over and over in my mind.

So, I decided to put my new toy to the test. I went into my family room, turned on the tv and put in one of my favorite dvd's. I retrieved some lube from my bedroom and washed my new toy. I was ready for action.

I stripped down and kept the volume low so I wouldn't disturb Jackie. Slowly I stroked myself and was soon rock hard. I coated my cock with lube and began stroking myself with my new toy. It was pure heaven. Up and down my shaft. Occassionally I would completely lift it off my cock so I could enjoy the sensation when it returned, engulfing the head of my penis. I was having a good time.

I was lost in my own pleasure when I heard 'Oh my!' Jackie had come down stairs and caught me in the act. She apologized but I said it was ok. She made me buy this thing and I told her surely she didn't expect me not to use it. She said to wait a minute and ran back up stairs. I could hear her barefeet racing across the floor. I knew where she was going.

Minutes later she returned and unwrapped her new prize. 'Mind if I join you?' I said are you kidding? She peeled off her shorts and shirt. Her pussy already soaking wet. With a flip of the switch I could hear a low hum and watched as her vibrator disappeared between her legs.

She was on the couch and I was in a chair angled not too far away. I decided the show on the couch was better than the dvd and asked her to position herself so I could watch. Jackie leaned back on the couch with one leg spread along the cushion, the other dangling off the couch.

In and out. Up and down. We were both enjoying our purchases and ourselves. I couldn't believe it. It wasn't long before the pressure was building inside of me. Jackie's rhythm was picking up speed too. She asked if she could watch me cum. She had never seen a man squirt before. I said yes and set my toy aside. I lubed up my hand and began sliding it up and down my shaft. The thought that Jackie wanted to watch me shoot my load pushed me to the edge. Watching her pound her pussy harder and harder took me the rest of the way.

I felt the rush of the orgasm sweep across my body. My load shooting into the air and falling back on me. At this Jackie's groans turned to moans of pleasure. Louder and louder until she too found sweet release.

We both lay there, covered in our own nectar. I licked the cum from my hand. Jackie said she had never seen a man do that or thought of tasting herself. I told her it was a habit developed from necessity when there wasn't a towel handy. She brought the now silent, but cum covered vibrator to her lips and ran her tongue along the edge. 'Different' she said.

We sat in silence for a moment, the mad humping from the dvd the only noise in the room. I was now spent and ready for bed. I'll put my new toy to a full test later. Jackie and I both went to our rooms. After washing off, I slipped between the covers and drifted to sleep listening to a low hum coming from the next room.



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