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My Masturbation History

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I figured I would write a detailed masturbatory history...

and this is what I got.


I take you next to my home sometime in the fall of the 90s. I turned 11 the previous winter. It was a warm afternoon, so I was on the porch, sweatpants around my knees, gently stroking my penis, which had started feeling different when I hit puberty earlier in the year. But now, something felt really different, my hard three-some inch long cock was growing, I had 8 hairs I was very proud of, and a fantastic foreskin, which at that time I did not appreciate as much as I do now. But my penis had not yet had his major growth spurt, so was still skinny, in fact, he could fit inside a wider roll of Scotch tape. It was with this roll of tape, and two sheets of tissues, that I made a fantastic discovery: semen, cum, jizz, or whatever you want to call it. Lightly stroking the glans penis through the foreskin, I hardened like a rock under my own fingers and a roll of tape, this erection quickly blossomed into first a drop of precum which I mistook for urine. I grabbed for some tissue and kept stroking...I thought I was going to piss my pants, but it had never felt this good, so I kept going. I was alone in the house, so I voiced my feelings. 'Oh godddd, mmmmm, uhhhh.'-spurt, spurt, spurt, dribbling, spurt.- 'aaahaauuuh.' Waves of pleasure overwhelmed me, and I was soon down on the floor, having my first orgasm amid the toys of bygone days. Using the tissue, I wiped myself clean of this new, funny smelling substance, and flushed said tissue, secreting the tape away to my room.

Around six months later. Having masturbated every day when I got home from school, I was now slightly more proficient in the art of bringing myself to orgasm in less then twenty minutes. Besides this new skill, my penis had experienced a definite increase in size, it was now around five inches, and constantly, or so it seemed, growing. I was camping with a coed youth group, and my friends and me decided to go exploring. Eventually, we found a vacant cabin back in the 50 some acres of woods, and due to the approaching rain, we decided it would be best to go inside. Once inside we hung flashlights from the walls and spread our light jackets on the dusty wooden floor. The group in the cabin consisted of Nick and Ilse(twins) 11, Mary (12), Kara (11), and myself. We decided to pass the time by telling ghost stories and the like, but everything quickly turned to a discussion on 'touching yourself.' Both Nick and I freely admitted to doing it, and that it felt really good. Nick was the first person I told about masturbating, Kara, Ilse, and Mary confessed that they did it too. The five of us were all shocked that the opposite sex could masturbate. We then did something that would change our friendships, we masturbated together. Naked, our respective clothes under each of us, we all sat facing each other, looking at everyone else's tufts of pubic hair, then it started. Hands darted to their respective genitals, with everyone trying to watch others and themselves at the same time. Nick climaxed first, grunting as he did, his cum shooting onto his nylon windbreaker. Kara reached a clitoral orgasm next, she moaned, engulfed in bliss. Mary, Ilse, and I went for about a minute longer before we reached a near simultaneous orgasm, my cum shooting across the circle to hit Mary square in the chest, between her surprisingly well-developed tits, she smiled and wiped my load off on her panties. Once cleanup was finished, we all discussed exactly how and why we masturbated, these 'discussions' ended with each of us sitting in front of the other four and masturbating until climax. By the time our escapades were completed, the rain had slightly let up, so, after one more sweep of the cabin, we returned to camp, swearing ourselves to secrecy.

Now we shift to the summer of 2005, I was somewhere in New England, 18, and working at a diner. Claire was 19, a waitress, rich, and had the body of a Greek goddess, which is fitting, as she came from a wealthy Greek family. We were working late one night in the middle of July, I swept the floors while she handled the books. The head cook had assigned us the task of closing down and locking the place up for the weekend, he threw Claire a set of keys and left, leaving us alone to finish our tasks. While sweeping behind the bar, I stared at Claire with undisguised longing, brushing the floor absently as I pictured her naked. She dropped her pen, and bent down to pick it up, making the fabric of her short khaki skirt tight across her rounded ass. As her skirt slid slightly lower, I could see the outline of a thong. Giggling, she spoke, 'Umm, enjoying the view?' I was startled out of my reverie, 'Uh, what, I was just..' She cut me off, ' C'mon, anyone can see you are hard as a rock,' she pointed to my shorts, which were obviously tented around my erect penis. Claire seemed to be considering something, she shrugged, then smiled at me, a predatory grin, 'I've got an idea, we're all alone here, and we've both finished our work...why don't we mess around a little, it'd be fun, and besides, I'm really horny: my boyfriend left me a few weeks ago, and I'd prefer to feel someone else's fingers down there.' She smiled again, walking towards the break room, I followed. Once we reached our goal, she stripped, first slowly taking off her shirt, then teasingly removing her bra to reveal her high and firm breasts, my hard-on grew. She then took off her skirt, leaving only a thong, which she removed after playing with it for a few seconds, I stared openly, jaw dropped, at her well groomed black bush and protruding lips. Her eyes met mine, 'Now you, and don't be shy, just act natural.' I threw off my shirt, then stepped out of my shorts and boxers, she whistled 'whoa, you are hard, we'll have to take care of that. Lie down on the floor, right there, good, spread your legs.' I complied and she kneeled in between my legs, putting her hands around my stiff member. 'Ooh, not to shabby' I blushed at the compliment, she went on, 'I mean it, you look to be about the same as my boyfriend, and he was seven inches hard and you are uncircumcised, this should be fun.' And fun it was, she pulled back my foreskin and gently brought it forward with one hand while feeling around my scrotum with the other. I gyrated my hips in unison with her stroking hand. 'Now, this might feel weird, but you will love it, trust me.' I just nodded, and suddenly felt her ring finger in my asshole, I let out a shocked noise that quickly turned to an orgiastic moan as I shot my load all over her hand, one spurt hitting her right on her cheek, I paled, but she just licked it off and smiled. I started, 'that was' she finished, 'wonderful, I told you I knew what I was doing.' She grinned down at me, stood up, and sat down on the imitation leather couch, parting her legs slightly to reveal an already slick pussy. 'You get to do me now, don't worry, I'll direct you through the whole thing.' I got up and kneeled in front of her, my cock still semi-erect and dripping cum on the carpet. 'I'll let you fiddle around down there, and correct you if you need it.' She placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder, I moved one hand to her clitoris, stimulating it directly and through the clitoral hood, she sighed slightly, and I moved the other hand towards her vagina, my index and middle fingers penetrating her, I felt her moistness and heard her sigh again as my fingers squelched into her. She looked down at me, 'You're doing great, just keep going, just like that, mmmmmhmha.' I focused all my energy on her vagina now, fingers probing around until I found a rough patch, sensing my confusion, she said, 'G-spot, just touch it lightly, yeah, like that.' She now bucked her hips back and forth as I finger fucked her. Then I noticed her asshole, tiny and tight. I lubricated the pinky of my right hand in her dripping juices, and jammed it up her asshole, hearing her gasp out, hand clenching tight on my shoulder. I felt the walls of her pussy tighten on my fingers as she reached orgasm. Again she moaned, this moan was like nothing I had heard before, 'Oooooh, unnnnnnnh, uhhhhha.' By this point, I had removed my fingers from her climaxing pussy and her asshole, but my face was still close enough to view what happened next. A thick substance began leaking out of her vagina. Claire looked in shock at her soaking crotch and the liquids that oozed from it into the shag carpet below, 'That. Was. Amazing,' she stammered out. She grabbed the hand that was soaked in her juices, and licked them off. Then she kissed me, her juices still fresh on her lips. 'Thank you, that was the best orgasm I've had in weeks, and the first time in months that I've ejaculated.' That answered what all that extra fluid was. We both cleaned up the breakroom, flipped over the stained cushions, and went to our respective homes. Later that same summer we started dating, and we are still dating at this time.



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