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After a while doing it at home I started to get bored and got a bit adventurous


Well let me start off by saying I've been an avid masturbator for many years now, I started younger than I care to think about lol. But recently I've been bored with just staying at home and jerking off to whatever I could find on the internet. Don't get me wrong its great but I wanted a bit of adventure like in the stories here.

So I began to think what I could do to make it more fun and exciting even dangerous, I'd read plenty of stories from here as to people getting caught and this lead me to think of the outside. I had done this before in my previous story, natures wonder, in June 2008 but this time I decided to go completely naked and really go for it.

So my town is out in the countryside of the UK and is pretty much isolated from everywhere so there are many country lanes and places to go when I wanted to masturbate outside.

So on this day it was 9 o'clock at night I decided to risk it I got my bike from the shed walked it up my yard and set off into the semi darkness with a semi hardon in my pants wondering what would happen this night.

After cycling down the main road for ten minutes with the darkness around me and the occasional car passing I turned into a side lane with trees on both sides and the road not completed I turned again and went through a gate into a small lane a metre across. I had been here before and had managed a few strokes back then but nothing as exciting as this.

Pausing near the end of the lane it was quite dark so I got off my cycle and laid my bag on the floor. I checked to my left and right straining to pick up any sign of people coming down the lane as it was a public footpath. Then I took off my t shirt and laid it on my bag feeling the wind hit me and release even more adventurous feelings into my loins. I then took off my shoes and socks then took my shorts down to my ankles and my boxers as well. I grabbed my already hard cock and started to stroke while checking around me already standing on my toes to stretch as I do when I cum. I let loose my orgasm upon the wind and world spraying the plants in front of me with my juice with my heart pounding. I quickly yanked up my shorts and put my coat back on and cycled back to my house to write this most exhilarating story (well at least for me it was)

So I've now found a truly amazing masturbation technique .. going outside. I really hope I've inspired people to try being naked outside but perhaps just try it at home first to see how you feel.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my story I certainly enjoyed doing it!

Happy jacking.



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