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Running Tights

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Went to a sports retailer to find some running tights


I have always been a very active person. I have never had an athletic body, but I do have a muscular body.
Physical fitness is probably number 3 on my life priorities list. I play sports like baseball, racquetball, and hockey.

It was suggested to me that I begin running, and I liked the idea so I took it up. I am 50/50 between running at the gym on a treadmill and running around a track outside. Really, most of the reason I run, is for the scenery around me.

So I know that serious runners have a very specific uniform they like. This probably varies by person, but generally its tight clothing. I usually wear some tight spandex or lycra briefs, basketball shorts, and one of those dry fit shirts. Running is basketball shorts is almost counter productive. I decided to go to a local sports store and inquire about running pants or tights, or whatever it is people that run wear. I had done some online shopping for what I thought I was looking for, but you just can not judge how something will fit over the internet.

I wasn't in any particular mood. It was the kind of quest where I was attempting to gather information and maybe make a purchase. I was hoping to find a nice sales girl and flirt with her as I browse the pants. I strolled over to the men's fitness section. The racks and racks of products were very overwhelming, and I continued my search for someone to help me. I made it very obvious I was looking for assistance. I don't know if it was close to closing time, or an off day, but I found no one to help me.

I decided to pick a couple pairs off the rack. I had come from work, to which I had worn boxers, jeans, and a dress shirt to work today. Nothing remotely athletic. I had come for a purpose though, and so I intended to find out more about these athletic pants. I found the big name brand ones, and the off brand ones, and then a pair that might have been for something else entirely, and I decided to try them on.

I walked over to the changing room, which was a pretty private box room set up on the outside wall of the store. There really was no one else in the store. I take my pants off, and it is clear to me that these pants are not going to go over boxer shorts so I remove those as well. I know that I am trying on clothes in a store changing room and I am basically naked. I realized that what I was doing was definitely "naughty" and it turned me on a little. I remembered back to the first time I ever masturbated in a changing room at a store many years ago. And there is always the fact that, hey, I am naked in public! I could feel the blood flowing down there. At this point, I still had no naughty intentions.

I slipped on the first pair of running pants. They were smooth and almost silky, and they were loose. They felt very nice on my skin, but I could tell that these would not do for running. I took them off, put them aside, and grabbed pair number two.

These were more of a spandex feel. They were tight and stretchy. I got the feeling that these would work better to hold everything in tight. I bunched the legs up and stepped into them, left first, right second. They were tight at my ankles already, and I slowly pulled them up my legs. I have very muscular legs from daily bike riding growing up and they were very tight on my calves. I continued to pull them up. When they got to my thighs, the tight soft fabric, well it started to turn me on. It felt almost like the touch of another person on my thighs. It was straight sexy, and I was getting hard. I pulled the pants up the rest of the way to my waist. The tight fabric had now encapsulated my hard throbbing penis. I was feeling very dirty now. I had to adjust the pants to make them fit right. I also had to adjust myself for physical comfort in between my legs.

I looked down and these pants were not thin - probably half the thickness of your typical jeans, thicker than khakis - but they were TIGHT. They made my erection VERY clear. I failed to mention that I have been told my whole life what a nice butt I have. There was no mirror in the changing area. I wanted to see how these pants look on me. Again, I am a solid guy, not your typical stick thin runner, and I wanted to make sure I would feel comfortable wearing these in public.

I left the changing room and ventured out to find a mirror. It did not matter to me if there was anyone around. I was in that zone a person gets in when sexuality is the only thing on their mind. I walked about halfway through the men's section. I was also getting a feel for these tights. OR should I say, these tights were giving me a feel. My ass looked spectacular. It is round and perfectly proportioned to my muscular legs and body. My erection was still very hard and very evident. I was very turned on, and wishing someone would see me, but there was still no one in the men's section at least.

I returned to the changing room. I was rubbing myself through the pants. I was hard, and very excited. Thing is, I had no intention of purchasing these expensive pants and my morals would not allow me to cum inside them. Not to mention the mess I would be making. I pulled the pants down slightly and my hardon full on popped out straight and hard. Of course, I had to rub it. But, still I decided I would wait to jerk off over this experience until I was home. Then I bent over a little to continue taking the pants off. The way the tights were cupping my ass and the way my rock hard erection was sticking straight out was too much to handle.

I thought to myself, "why don't I just play with myself a little." I begin stroking myself. I can usually rub myself and maintain my erection without needing to cum, so it should not be a problem. What man does not enjoy the feeling of a raging hard cock in his pants? "Maybe I will bring myself to the edge" I thought as I continued to jerk off in the 4 foot by 4 foot changing room with the soft, tight black spandex pants around my knees still holding me tight. But, as I am sure many men know, no one wants to stop once they have started the process. I kept jerking but slowed down to prolong the process. Soon I knew I would be cumming. I scrambled and paniced! I cant cum on the pants! I cant cum on the floor! What am I going to do?

I thought quickly, and as I am holding my cock with one hand, still slowly jerking and yet pinching it off tight so as not to cum, with my other hand I reach down and take off a sock. Now I know I am going to cum, and so I start jerking hard. I am standing up and my whole body is twitching and starting to spasm. I lean back and my bare ass is pressing against the cold changing room partition wall, and in a flash my whole body shudders and I lift the sock up and pull it over my cock just in time as I shoot my full load of cum deep inside the black athletic sock. I collapse on the cold seat in the changing cubicle, sock full of cum in hand, pants around my ankles at this point, lost in the afterglow of an amazing solo orgasm. Oh how I wish I had someone to share this experience with.

I removed the tight pants and did my best to return them to the hanger they came from. I put on my boxers and stepped into my jeans. Without a mirror I did my best to not look like I had sex written all over myself. It had to be obvious, had there been anyone there to see me. I placed the tights on a rack in the changing room, I did not have the mental acuteness nor the desire to attempt to find the racks I had taken them from. I tucked the cum sock deep in my pocket and took my other sock off to try to draw less suspicion, and begin my journey out.

At this point, I am forced to pass through the registers area, and actually face the store workers who don't know the dirty thing I just did. There is a young attractive woman at the register and I smile and tell her to have a nice night. Yes, devious thoughts of her came into my head as I walked past in the sex zone. I left, got in my car, and drove home. I jerked off again later that night recalling the experience I just had.

I just had the thought, "I wonder if anyone ever bought those pants." and "Id bet I was not the last person to masturbate in them."



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