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Sunset Masturbation at Anchor in the Tropics

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My wife jerked us both off leading to a morning surprise.


Years ago my wife Anne and I invited our friend Richard to help us sail our boat from Tampa to the Miami area. We planned about a three or four day trip as we wanted to stop before sunset each night to relax and swim.

We had stopped for the night and had anchored near one of the Florida Keys (Can't recall which one) and had spent an hour or so swimming and cooling off as it was quite warm, being early summer. Richard and myself typically wore swim trunks while Anne normally wore just her bikini bottoms. She had spent a lot of time on topless beaches in Europe and thought little of being topless here but would wear the top when there were a lot of people about. We were anchored by ourselves so her chest was bare. I was wonderful and hard to ignore.

After dinner Richard and I were relaxing outside each laying on two parallel bench seats and having an after dinner cognac and reading while the sun began to set. Anne finished up the dishes and took a shower. It was almost dark when she came on deck with her drink and looked at us noted how comfy we looked.

She made a little fun of us just lying there and then said "Oh, I can think of only one thing that would make the two of you feel even better than you do now" With that she put a hand on each of our swim trunks and started rubbing our dicks through the fabric of the swim suits. Richard let out a "huh" being surprised and I could feel myself getting hard from her caresses.

Without a stop she just kept rubbing both of us and she then commented on how both of us were getting bigger. She was kind of giggling and making fun of our growing erections and just kept up the strokes through the fabric. Richard began to moan and I think I did too and soon she told us to slide out of those trunks. It was a relief to get out of them and it was only seconds before we were naked lying there in front of her. Now she went to work in earnest.

She took a dick in each hand and stroked us simultaneously. She varied the speed and would occasionally move on to rub our balls while we just laid there taking it all in. Then she told us that she wanted to see us both cum and wondered who would be first.

I was getting close and I think Richard was as well. He was moaning and panting and I could feel my balls tighten as the orgasm grew close and inevitable. I heard Richard let out an "AHHHH' and then grunt as he came. I soon followed and shot streams of cum all over myself.

Anne laughed and said it really was too close to call and began rubbing our cum on our bodies. She said she was going to do a taste test and licked her fingers. Then she recoated them and told us to lick them as well. She just kept scooping up the cum and had us lick it off. It was so hot and erotic doing this. Then she told us "Well, you have both tried your own and each others sperm. I don't know about you guys but I like them both."

Things calmed down after that and after being in the sun all day and having some drinks I was content to lay there still covered in cum and just relax being somewhat spent. Anne retired to the cabin and as I started to doze I thought I heard her ask if one of us guys would help her. "Richard, would you go help her" I asked. With that I fell off to sleep.

I slept soundly until the sun was just beginning to break the horizon. I am not sure if it was the sun that awoke me or the sounds I could hear from the cabin. I awoke with a hard on that was almost glued to my hand from the hand job of the night before.

I could feel the boat rocking slightly and hear the obvious sounds of sex emanating through the hatchway. The sounds were skin slapping on skin and Anne saying " Oh yes, Just like that NOW HARDER" The intense sounds of sex were both loud and very arousing and I found myself now instinctively stroking myself as Richard fucked Anne only feet away from where I was.

I was pretty well pounding away on my dick when the sounds of their climaxing poured out through the hatchway. Both Richard and Anne held nothing back as they vocalized during orgasm. As their orgasm began to subside I reached my climax and let out an equally loud "AHHH, I'm coming" as I shot ropes of semen all over myself.

I was panting and out of breath when I opened my eyes and noticed for the first time that another boat had arrived during the night and had anchored only about fifty feet away. On the upper deck I could see a younger woman in her late teens or early twenties staring down at me. I was kind of mortified but then she gave me a little wave and putting her thumb and fingertips together she made a circle and moved it up and down in a clearly masturbation kind of motion.

Although I could not see her body I could see her head and shoulders and they were moving in a very rhythmic fashion that told me she had to be masturbating after having watched me cum. I grew hard knowing what she was doing and I stroked myself a second time. Our eyes maintained contact the entire time. I could hear her moans when she climaxed and I could see her shoulders shudder and then go limp. Hearing that I came as well letting out my own climax sounds.

Richard had gotten into the shower and my wife, upon hearing me cum, popped up on deck very naked with the remnants of their passion clinging to her red bush. She looked at me and then noticed our new neighbor and gave her a wave before diving into the water. I followed.

After a brief swim we went below to rinse the salt off and have breakfast. When we went up on deck again we saw our neighbor had left. We crossed paths with that boat much later and we got to know the woman and had many laughs about that morning. As it turned out, the night before Anne had asked me to come and take care of her but I was drowsy and had misunderstood and had sent Richard instead. Lucky him.



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