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Office Meeting

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If you are a woman and have never tried masterbating with another woman, I encourage you to do it, they can do it so much better than men. You won't regret it!


Last year at work, an amazing thing happened to me. I am straight but this experience made me open to the possibilities of bi-sexuality.

I was in a boardroom in a meeting that had been going on for over an hour and didn't look like it would be ending anytime soon. As my mind began to wander, I noticed my colleague Anna beside me. Her top shirt buttons had come undone and I could see the edges of a bright red lace bra peeking out. I don't know why, but the sight of her wonderfully large breasts turned me on. As I looked at her, I started to wonder what they would feel like against my own.

The more I though about Anna, the more turned on I got. I was getting very wet but didn't want to risk getting caught masterbating. Anna then swung her head around quickly to give her attention to a new speaker and her soft blonde hair touched my face. the movement had made her shirt gape open more and I noticed that many of the men in the room had noticed her gorgeous cleavage as well.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I slid my hand down into my lap, draping my jacket over it to hide what I was doing. My skirt had a slit up the front, so I reached up toward my pussy to relieve myself. I could feel my wetness soaked through my panties and onto my skirt. As I stroked my hand along my pussy through my panties, I tuned out of the meeting. I kept imagining Anna and her breasts.

To my surprise, all of a sudden, people started getting up to leave. The meeting must have ended while I was pleasuring myself. I froze, desperately wanting to orgasm and wondering how to make it back to my desk without anyone noticing the wet patch on my skirt.

Just then, Anna slipped me a note that said 'Don't leave' Wow! I wondered what she wanted but didn't move, as she had asked. Once everyone else was gone, she turned to me and said 'I saw what you were doing, it was really hot.'

I was shocked, I didn't think she was into women. I just stared at her trying to come up with a response. I decided to be honest as she already knew what I had been up to. 'I was thinking of you' I told her and nodded toward her shirt. Anna smiled at me and took my hand in hers.

'Touch them' she said as she put my hand on her breast after unbuttoning her shirt. I immediately let my other hand follow and soon had my fantasy coming true. I had her soft, supple breasts in my hands and I could tell she enjoyed my fondling as her nipples were very erect and poking through the thin lace of her bra.

From there, we were lost in bliss, right on the boardroom floor. She removed her shirt and bra as I drew off mine. I pulled Anna toward me and our breasts were crushed together between us. I reached down and moulded my hands over Anna's arse as she moaned in my ear.

I was so horny now and craving her touch on my throbbing clitoris. I undid the zipper on her skirt and pulled it down over her hips, to the floor. Anna was as wet as I was and not wearing panties!

I had to touch her, and ran my fingers through her vagina lips. She was hot and very wet, and shuddered at my touch. 'Let me finish that job for you that you started earlier' she moaned to me. Anna stripped off my skirt and dripping panties before rubbing her fingers over my aching clitoris. As I was about to come, she smiled again and moved lower so her nipple was pressed against my clitoris. I orgasmed hard right then, unable to hang on any longer.

Though I had just come I was still wet and hot for her. We hugged each other, with our hands between us, masterbating each other. I felt myself building up for a second orgasm almost instantly.

As we rubbed each other, I took her hand and pressed my pussy with her fingers. As we rocked against each other, she orgasmed just before me. We fell to the floor in exstacy.

Finally, we got up and put our clothes on and staggered back to our desks. Just as I was going into my office, she held up my panties and said 'I'm keeping them, for a reminder!'

With that she left but we still get together on our breaks sometimes to masterbate together or for each other.



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