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Phone Call With An Old School Friend

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Thanks to a certain social media site, I found someone I knew from school. I had a crush on Gillian. Not a sexual one, but I thought she was wonderful. Confident, outgoing, daring, and adventurous.  What started as a catch up online became a phone call.....a very ‘interesting’ phone call from my point of view. 


So, we got to the hero worship bit where I told her that I always admired how daring she was. She said “Yeah? Huh...I suppose I was really. Do you remember the time I almost got expelled?” (Uh, no!) I had no idea it had come to that and I asked her what had happened.

“Well, I was caught, literally, with my panties down. I used to flash people either in school, on the field, or from our dorm room, remember, the one that looked out over the street. Well, this one day, I was feeling more daring than usual and I’d taken my knickers off and was just flashing my pussy. Some asshole phoned the school and that was that. “

So how did she avoid it? “Remember Miss Forrester, the Head? Well, everyone thought she was a les, so there was I, standing in her office with her yelling at me, and me nearly shitting myself because I really thought she was gonna phone my dad when I suddenly went completely calm. It was like someone else was talking using my body. As she reached for the phone, I said “Oh don’t be so ridiculous! How do you think it will look when I tell everyone I’ve been in a lesbians office with no knickers on.” And I pulled my skirt up! The old cow just froze and stared at me. “That’s right....have a good look at my cunt. What’s to stop me saying you touched me?” Thing is, Becky, I couldn’t get it out of my head. What if she had touched me? Suddenly I was like crazy horny. She got rid of me out of the office in seconds of course....probably had a good wank herself.....but I was dripping. I went to the toilet and Jilled off.”

Carefully. I asked her if she had ever done anything with another girl....anything at all. “Hmm....well....truth or dare, I kissed another girl a couple of times, and oh yeah, same game, different party, I felt another girl up but only over clothes.  I’ve thought about it a few times though.....how about you?“

How about me? I’m sitting in my chair with my hand buried in my panties....I DIDNT say. I admitted I bat for both teams, and it didn’t surprise her in the least. Soon, though, the conversation got really heavy. She wanted to know how it felt to go down on another girl. Well, it’s not like you can describe it, really, is it? It’s no ‘like’ anything. It’s just the ultimate in intimate contact. “Yeah, but what do you do if she’s really wet....like really REALLY wet?” “You swallow it, of course.” “Yeah, but sometimes when I cum hard I pee. I’d die if that happened when another girl was down there.”I told her it’s no big deal and to just go with it. Then there was silence and she asked outright if I was masturbating. I admitted that I was and asked if it was a problem. “Actually, I am too” came a very embarrassed response. 

So, I suggested we talked each other off. I would tell her what I would do with her if I was there and then she could do the same for me. It took me about ten minutes before she lost the power of speech and I heard her cum. 

When it was my turn, she told me that she sometimes imagines another girl is sucking her off when her BF does it to her, but that she has always wondered what it’s like to put two fingers up another girl while snogging her, so that was her focus. It wasn’t as detailed or as well timed as my talk with her was, but it did the trick and soon I let a sweet little cum go into the crotch of my panties. 

We live way too far apart to meet up, so I guess it will never happen, but it was an interesting phone necall for all that. 

Well, I’m back at Uni tomorrow. Lots of packing to do, and then a fucking long journey. 

Lectures don’t start until next week, but I want to get settled in and get my room sorted.

Oh yeah.....and fuck the arse of Kate! 



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