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Stevie and I have settled into a great, mutually fulfilling relationship. Sometimes, our love making is so soft and sensual it makes me cry, other times, it’s raw, dirty, bordering on violent. Trust me, what two girls get up to with each other can far outweighs heterosexual sex.  Sometimes, we both feel kinky mutually, and I’ve discovered it’s linked to our cycles which have pretty much synced up. The week before we come on is usually something even “Too Hot for Solo Touch” might not print!  Now and then, we like to watch each other. Stevie wasn’t into just being watched, but since she’s been with me, she asks me to watch her do something sexual at least three times a week.  This was one time last week. 


I am learning when she might want me to watch. She passes close to me, brushing my hand or my ass, she may briefly hug me or nibble my neck for a second or two. But she always resists my touch in return. It’s always followed by her leading me to where she wants to be, and saying those two words “watch me?” She always poses it as a question. 

Sometimes, she just does herself, other times, she talks about what she’s feeling and thinking about. 

She asked for my vibrator (we each have our own, but we do share). She settled in a large armchair and gently, and very slowly spread her legs. I could see she was already damp, and clearly this had been on her mind all day. 

“I’m thinking of you. I am imagining I’m standing in the shadows, watching him with you. He’s holding you, kissing you, caressing you, and stripping you down to bra and panties.”

A pause while she shucked her dress off her shoulders, leaving it bunched around her waist. 

“He slips a hand into your bra, and I know he’s feeling your nipple tense, just like it does for me.”

She mimics everything she says. Her right hand is inside her left bra cup.

”Then, he travels south, over your flat belly, to your panties. You spread your legs in anticipation and he strokes you through them. Your hips rise to meet his touch.”

She rubs herself over her panties and the damp stain glistens as more pussy juice flows from her. 

“Then, as I watch, he slides his hand under the waistband and begins to finger you”

she does this, and the sight of her knuckles moving under the material is intensely erotic. I desperately want to see her cunt lips around her fingers, but all I see is the knuckles moving and the material moving with it. My clit throbs. 

“He wants you so bad. He can’t wait to undress you, so he pulls your panties to one side, and slides his dick into you.”

She pushes my vibrator up into herself, but doesn’t switch it on

”I’m watching from the corner. I see his dick stretching you, opening your cunt, and his balls against your ass. From the darkness, I slip my hand into ,y panties and masturbate as he fucks you. He fucks you in long, deep strokes. Penetrating you all the way.”

she mimics this with my vibrator. 

“I finger myslef in time with his thrusts. Watching you getting fucked is so horny, so erotic, I want him to fuck you into the ground. He speeds up (as does she) he tells you he’s close and you grab his ass telling him to cum inside you. As he cums, so do you.”

she holds perfectly still, and I think she has cum, but no....

”he pulls out and leaves. You sit there, legs spread, his sperm leaking slowly from you. I leave my hiding place, go to you, kneel between your legs and lick him out of you and.......

And Stevie orgasms loudly and violently. A gush of wetness, pee or squirt...I neither know nor care, stains her already wet panties even more. 

I am wet beyond words, partly at her fantasy, partly at watching her get herself off, and partly becuase I love her and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. 

My hand, buried deep in my own panties has been edging me for a while. I want to cum, but I also want Stevie to see. 

I pull her gently from the chair. She smells of sex and of pee, so, both then? 

I lead her to the bathroom and ask her to kneel on the floor. 

I stand astride her, still in my panties and bra. (I shucked my dress before she came). I know I will cum in seconds, so I am careful not to cum too fast. 

“I’m thinking of being fucked, of having a man do me and cum in me, but.....but I’m thinking of something right now. I’m thinking of cumming on you like you just came in the lounge. I’m thinking I might squirt on you, but.....

....but I want to pee on you first. 

Stevie shuffles closer to me, her chest between my knees. She holds my ass and kisses me just above my pubic bone. I tug my panties aside, but even that is too much for me. 

I cum every bit as violently as she did. I squirt/pee on her, and she doesn’t move. Instead, she leans forward and buries her head between my legs. 

My world explodes....splinters....my legs tremble. 

We shower together, still in bra and panties to begin with, but then naked. 

We stand, dripping, holding each other and kissing gently. 

We lay on the bed, still wet, and make love slowly, sensuously, and gently. 

I feel her cum on my tongue.




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