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Neighbor and I

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When I was a teenager I lived next door to a family with a son one year older than me and a daughter who was my age. John and I used to play baseball in the summers and basketball in my driveway whenever the weather allowed. Terri, his sister, was a cute girl with blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes.

One day when John and I finished a game of hoops at my house he invited me over for a glass of tea. I said okay and we walked through the yard to his house. We sat in his living room watching tv and drinking our tea when he said, 'Hey, you want to see something?' 'Sure,' I said.

We walked to his parents' bedroom and he opened the closet and there was a stack of porno magazines nearly as tall as my waist. This shocked me, as I had been raised in a very strict religious home and had never seen such pictures before. He grabbed one of the magazines and we sat on his parents' bed and started looking through it. Instantly at the sight of a naked woman my cock grew hard. I shifted my weight trying to hide my erection when John moved the magazine and I could see the outline of his swollen member through his shorts. John looked at me and 'caught' me looking at his boner. He smiled and asked if I wanted to see it. I really did, but found no words to express my desire. I simply nodded and he smiled. He stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear down, exposing about a 5' erection with the most beautiful purple head on the end. 'Let me see yours,' he said. Slowly I stood up and dropped my shorts and underwear as well. My cock was only a little longer than John's, but his was much thicker.

We both sat back down on the bed and began slowly stroking our own cocks and looking at the magazine again. In less than a minute I could feel my orgasm building so I stopped jacking off to let it subside. John stopped soon after and said, 'I almost came.' 'Yeah, me too,' I replied. It was then that I felt a strange presence and looked at the door to see Terri, his sister, staring at us with her mouth wide open. I thought for sure we were busted, but she slowly pushed her hand down the front of her pants and began masturbating. She stood there like that for only a few seconds then returned to her bedroom and shut the door.

'She won't tell,' John continued, 'I've caught her and her friends before, so she won't say a word.' John told me to stand up and he stood as well. We were facing each other and John pushed the head of his fat cock against my cock head and just held it there. I reached down and grabbed both of our cocks and squeezed them. Slowly I stroked back and forth over both of our heads and John shot his load all over my cock, balls and stomach. I used his cum as lube and kept jerking off until I shot my wad all over John's cock and balls. 'Wow,' John said, 'I've never done that before.' 'Me either,' I responded.

We laid back down on the bed and both started jerking off again. The response time of a teenage cock is an amazing thing. Before long John shot cum all over his t-shirt. That triggered my own orgasm and I came all over my stomach and chest. My t-shirt was tucked up under my chin to keep from cumming on it. John stepped into the bathroom and got a handful of tissues for me and he helped me clean my come off then flushed the tissues for me.

That was the first time I had ever jacked off with someone and it was glorious. Over the next three years, before his parents sold their house and moved, John and I jacked off together regularly. Terri even joined us on a few occasions. That was over twenty years ago and I still think of them both when my wife and I are jacking and jilling off.



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