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My Trip To a Nude Beach

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I recentely got inspired to take a trip to a nude resort. I love the feeling of being nude outdoors and decided I would try and express it. I was quite nervous at first. When I arrived I was directed to a locker room to strip. Clothes were not allowed inside. I went to the locker room and my heart was already pounding. I figured there was no turning back and started to undress. First my shirt, then my shoes and socks. Finally my pants, and my boxers. I put them in my locker and walked outside. The breeze hit my bare skin instantly, the feeling was amazing. I was shy at first, though there were not too many others around I couldn't look up. I walked down the sand to a secluded spot and layed out in the sun for awhile. It felt so nice on my body.

A while later two women came walking and sat a ways down in front of me, but still in good view. I wasn't use to seeing people naked and I couldn't help but get an erection. They were a bit older, maybe mid 40's, but beautiful bodies none the less. I was glad they were somewhat in front of me so I could see them without them seeing me. They both laid out face up on the sand, I couldn't keep my eyes away, and I was feeling really turned on. Another man came over to them and they all got up and went somewhere. So I was alone now. I was still feeling horny and started wondering where they went. I wondered if they went off to have a threesome on the beach. I knew they didn't, but how hot that would be I thought. I imagined myself doing both of them and my dick started rising again. I sat up and looked around. No one was around and I was feeling really horny. What the hell I thought, and I took my dick in my hand and slowly started masturbating.

It felt so good, I felt really naughty, I considered going all the way when I noticed another guy coming towards me now so I stopped right away. My heart was pounding again now, and I acted casual waiting for him to pass by, except he wasn't, he was coming right at me. I didn't know what to do. He came and sat by me and said hi. I said hi back but nothing else. I knew he hadn't seen me, but I still had a rock hard erection, which I tried my best to hide but I couldn't do much. I sat with my knees up to try in cover myself, but it was still obvious. We started talking and I told him it was my first time here. He was a younger guy like me, similar body maybe slightly heavier. He was nice and we continued to chat. He leaned back with his legs layed out when I first began glancing at his penis. He was shaved like me, and circumsized like me as well. I had never seen another guys penis before, least not in person.

I was feeling more comfortable and decided to lay out and fully revieled myself. Nice one he said. I just shyly laughed and said thanks. Im not sure why by him checking me out was turning me on, and I felt my penis growing again. I knew I couldn't hide it, so I stayed still, as my fully erect cock bobbed right in front of him. Need a hand he asked. I was shocked when he asked. I didn't know how to answer. I knew I wasn't gay, but I was feeling really turned on by this. He explained no big deal, no ones around we could just help each other real fast. I just went with it and agreed. I leaned back as his hand moved to my throbbing penis. He started stroking me and it was unlike any time I had been masturbated by a girl. He knew how to work it, and within a minute or two my cum came squirting out. I saw he was on his knees next to me and was semi erect. I reached over and took his penis in my hand. It felt like mine but so different at the same time. It was warm and soft, yet I could feel it getting hard. I tried my best to move my hand like I did on myself. He was rock hard soon and I moved my hand faster. I could feel it getting slippery, he was precumming alot. He moaned and said yea alomst there. I kept going and next thing I knew his cum came shooting out and hit my belly just above my own cum.

I cleaned myself off with my towel and felt a little awkward at first. I told him that was my first time with a guy and he said his too. We talked a little more before he said he had to get going and I did the same. We exchanged numbers and agreed to be jerk off buddies. I figured it would be a lot of fun having a guy to mess around with and enjoy masturbating with, without the stress and complications of a relationship and romance, however we haven't had a chance to get together again yet.



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