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Male-male Mutual

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Innocence Lost


I first remember playing with my penis before reaching school age. Then, all during my adolescent years I learned, first by rubbing my penis between my thighs, then by stroking my penis with my hand, that I could achieve a wonderful feeling. I eventually learned these feelings were orgasms.

My mother raised us kids in a very sexually inhibited manner. My father died when I was only five. My mother never really explained sexuality to us kids and she and our church people all taught that masturbation was sinful (the lust of the flesh) and dangerous (you'll go blind, you'll go insane, etc...). So it is not surprising I knew nothing of homosexuality.

At the age of 14, my family moved back to my mom's hometown. One night as I lay in bed, a 19 year old male cousin was visiting and came up to talk with me in my room. I was in bed wearing pajamas and underwear. I don't recall how the subject came around or how this started, but my cousin wanted to see my genitals. Being nervous and not sure if this was normal behavior or not, having no adult male in my life, I agreed to allow my cousin to pull my pajamas and undershorts down.

He remarked how amazed he was to see the amount of pubic hair I had at the age of 14. I was embarassed by my non-circumcised penis. Through junior high school I was made to feel like a freak by all the other 'normal' ,i.e. circumsised penises I saw. Anyway, be that as it may, he began to stroke my penis and feel my testicles.

A couple of times he put my penis in his mouth. He asked me if I played with it and I lied and said, 'No.' He kept playing with it and I became erect. As he stroked my erect cock and talked about 'jacking off', I did feel quite aroused and excited. When he told me to think of what girls had between their legs I knew I could never do that.

For some reason, I was afraid what might happen were I to orgasm. Being a life long masturbator and knowing I'd orgasm if I thought of pussy, I kept my thoughts on NOT reaching orgasm. Finally my cousin told me I could see what he looked like.

He unfastened his pants, was not wearing underwear, and had the biggest cock I'd ever seen ! I think that considering the difference in ages, etc... his erect penis and bag of balls weren't all that huge; they just seemed so at the time.

One great relief for me was seeing that he was not circumcised either. He stroked his hard cock and asked me to do it. I stroked his cock and played with his balls, he stroked my cock, I stroked my cock, he stroked his cock......we heard a noise and I quickly said I thought mom was coming up the stairs. He put his pants back up and returned downstairs.

I was glad to not have had an orgasm with him but not sure why that was so. I later learned he was, and still is, gay. Oh well! It did me no harm nor good, just an experience in the teen years. I always wished after that my mom would have taught me more about sexuality. But I am not gay, I have no desire toward males for sex, so this was 'one of those things growing up'.But in a way it was very erotic and did feel good (my first sexual encounter with another person). I did wonder if dads taught their sons about sex or at least masturbation with such 'hands-on ' techniques.

During this year of my life, I did go so far as to ask mom for help tucking my undershirt into my long johns bottoms, with an erection! I am sure she noticed my erect penis as she tucked my shirt tail down into my underwear. She may or may not have brushed it with her hand, but she did say something about 'putting that (or this) away'. How I wish SHE had been the one who pulled my pj's and shorts down and began stroking my cock that night and talked to me about jacking off!



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