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Neice Masturbates With My Dick

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I'm 71 years old and even though I have just as much interest in sex as I did when I was 21, my equipment does not work as well. Sure, I still get hard and I still cum, just not as much and as often as I used to. My dick still gets hard but it's not as firm as it was years ago.

About two years ago I found out that my niece has a strong interest in masturbation. One day we were talking and she really opened up and told me all about her masturbation practices. She had just purchased a new vibrator and she was telling me how great it worked and how it made her orgasm. She made the comment, 'Who needs a man.'

I told her I could make that same statement but turn it around to say, 'Who needs a woman', but I went on to say, 'A woman's warm hand sure does feel good on my dick.' One thing led to another and finally she said, 'What would it hurt if the two of us masturbated together? We may be uncle and niece but its not like we are going to fuck and have kids. I don't see where it would harm anyone.' I told her I totally agreed and I also thought it would be very pleasurable to both of us.

That was the start of our relationship. Let me stop here and describe my niece. She is a natural blond, about five-five with a very nice body. She is divorced and is in her early 50's. She has two grown children who are married. She lives along in a little cabin near a lake. I visit her at least once each week.

My visits go kind of like this. We take our clothes off and get on her bed. We start out by doing some kissing while letting our hands roam over each other's body. We play around like that until we are both pretty hot. I suck on her nipples and kiss her tits good as I play with her pussy. When I feel her legs spreading wider I know she wants me to stick a couple of fingers in her pussy. I play with her pussy and suck her nipples which get large and hard.

We have done some many things together and masturbated in so many different ways. Sometimes I will watch her masturbate and she will watch me, but most often I do her and she does me. One of her favorite ways to masturbate is to get on her back with me between her legs. She loves to take my dick and pull the foreskin back uncovering the head of my dick and then rub the head against her clit. She gets so hot feeling my warm dick against her clit. The hotter she gets the wider her cunt lips spread. I can feel the opening of her vagina against my balls. And it feels good to me. She is a gusher when she cums and I can feel her hot juices shooting out onto my dick and balls. Sometimes, especially if its been a couple of weeks since we have masturbated, along with the friction of her clit against my dick head and her hand around my dick working the skin back and forth, I will shoot my load onto her clit while she is cumming. I don't shoot as much cum as I did when I was young but it still shoots.

I love watching her after I cum on her. She will run her finger in my cum and then stick that finger up her asshole and finger her asshole for a while. She likes for me to play with her asshole also. My niece is a nurse practioner and has done hundreds of prostate exams in her life and sometimes she will massage my prostate while she jacks me off. If you guys have never had that done to you, you should try it. It feels great.

My niece has lots of hair around her pussy which I truly love. I hate a shaved pussy. Granted a shaved pussy is good for eating but I love the look of a hairy pussy. The biggest turn on is how wet my niece's pussy gets when she is turned on. I love it when I get pussy juice all over my hands, my face and everywhere else. It smells and tastes go good. After a good long session with my niece she will have pussy juice all over her bottom and I enjoy licking it off. Sometimes she will coat my dick with her pussy juice and then jack me off.

After we have both cum until we can't cum anymore, we will usually get in the spoon position with me behind her and just lie there and hold each other and talk. My soft dick, still wet with her pussy juice and my cum is nestled in the crack of her wet ass. But all good things must end so I shower with her and get dressed and leave. But I leave knowing that we will repeat it again the following week or whenever one of us gets horny.



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