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First Time Mutual Masturbation with Girl Friend

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Being very much in love and inexperienced, we both explored our sexuality by mutual masturbation.

This story happened when I was 17, (she was 15) My girlfriend (let's call her Pim) and I had a relation for three months, both of us had NO experience in sex or whatsoever. So everything was new and exciting..... Horny as we were, we explored each others body step by step..... I felt her nipples harden up.... and for sure I was hard as hell. She slowly moved her hand downwards and started touching my dick....opened my zipper.... pulled my underwear a little to the side, so my dick was released and throbbing from the hormones rushing through my body. I moved my hands from her soft boobies to her jeans and unbuttoned them.... moved my hand slowly inside her pants and groped her butt. Her cheeks were firm and a little cold... but that did not last for long.... She slowly started stroking my little friend...... and wow did that feel good.... I moved my hand to the front of her panties and found this warm, damp area and suddenly my fingers touched here slippery lips. Her strokes suddenly stopped, while she was enjoying this new experience. I slowly let my fingers explore this wet spot and found the magic button that made her gasp for air... I slowly rubbed this little pleasure button... and she responded with gently stroking me in the same pace... After a minute or so she picked up speed as if to signal me that she liked it faster....so I did.... and was rewarded with some very intense kisses,... I was getting close to my orgasm... and got a bit frantic to where to shoot my load.... but then something happened which I did not expect.... she pulled my hand out of her pants and moved my dick between her legs rubbing her clit through her underwear. You have to know, she is a bit smaller than I am, so my dick is pulled down a little and the force on my friend results in a mix of pain and pleasure....but she is loving it..... Within a few seconds her body starts convulsing and she lets out a deep sigh.... her legs become soft and she puts her entire weight on my dick... She starts kissing me, and I feel salty tears of joy running from her face. She lifts herself from my dick and while kissing me, starts stroking me again.... within a few seconds I feel the pressure in my balls building again... and know I will be coming very soon.... afraid of shooting my cum all over the place, I tell her I am getting close and ask her to stop.... but she responds with saying "its ok".... with a bit of anxiety I let myself be controlled by this wonderful horny lady....and enjoy the best orgasm I ever had.... My cum came gushing out... and she caught everything in her hand..... After I regained my control, I heard her making some licking sounds (oh yes,... I forgot to tell you everything happened in the darkness of her parents garage)... when she kissed me she whispered "thank you... this was the best experience I ever had"... I tasted the specific sweet taste of cum on her lips.... and knew what she did with my load. She was not using the pill or anything, so this was as far as we could go for the next several months.... but we enjoyed it every time... And we were very eager to create opportunities to be alone and explore every kind of variation on this theme. but more about that in the next story.



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