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My Trip With Guido

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Last summer break I found a job as an office assistant in a marketing unit of a big company. They had an audio-visual crew that was headed by an Italian guy about 35-40 ('Guido') with an accent and very long, smooth jet black hair that sometimes he let loose and sometimes tied into a pony tail. He was very solidly built and self-assured. Guido wore tight jeans to work while I had to wear a tie. I couldn't help noticing his huge bulge, especially since he was always grabbing himself. I also got glimpses of his dick from time to time as he made sure it was very visible at the urinal whenever I happened to be pissing next to him. I managed to resist turning my head but got enough peripheral view. We didn't have much to do with each other as our jobs were different. After a few weeks the director of my whole division called me into his office. I was really worried I had screwed up. But he told me he was presenting at a conference in San Francisco in a few days and that he was bringing Guido to lug and set up equipment for his presentations. He said Guido had suggested that I might be a good person to go along as he needed someone to help him with the carting and fetching and I was young and in good shape. He said if I were free to travel, and wanted to go, that all the expenses would be paid, I'd get a small bonus, and also get a week off to recuperate when we got back! I couldn't believe my luck and snapped at the opportunity.

All arrangements were made by the company and all I had to do was help Guido drag equipment to the airport, get on the plane, and then drag the equipment to the hotel. The boss had a suite in a top-notch convention hotel, but we were put in a small place nearby that was certainly a lot less expensive and glamorous. Although I didn't know it beforehand, I discovered now that we would share a room. It had one double bed and a sofa that opened into a bed, but the bathroom was shared and you had to go out into the hallway to get to it.

Nearly as soon as we got settled in the room Guido stripped completely naked without saying a word. His fat dick was swinging half hard and he was a hunk. He wrapped a large towel around himself and walked out into the hall to go to the shower. I had gotten hard and horny in an instant from seeing him naked like that. Now his jeans, underpants, T-shirt and socks were in a heap on the floor. I thought since he would be showering for a while I started to play with and sniff his underpants and even his sock and T-shirt. I had never done anything like that and it gave me a terrific high. They were filled with different odors and were sweet and pleasant. I kneeled down on the floor right where he had tossed them and undid my belt and zipper, and pulled out my dick. I wrapped his underpants around my dick and jacked that way for a while, sniffing his jeans and socks at the same time. It was so damn erotic for me that I came very quickly and unexpectedly, and so my cum landed all over, including on his clothes. I got kind of frantic and grabbed some of my clean undershirts and blotted and wiped up everything as best I could before he came back. I tried to put things back the way they were. His underpants still were damp with the cum I couldn't get them dry, but they had been pretty wet to begin with from his sweat, and I was hoping he wouldn't realize.

When he did come back, as soon as he walked in, he started to sniff the air strangely. He unwrapped from his towel and slowly dried all parts of his body right in front of me in the rather small, tight room. He said very casually, 'Smells to me like you beat yourself off while I was gone.' I was trembling not knowing where this would lead and was too frightened to say anything. But I saw he was getting a boner watching me squirm in my discomfort. I know I turned crimson but I still could not resist looking right at his now huge dick. Then he said, 'Well I just beat off in the shower too.' He finished drying and then lay down on the bed without turning back the bedspread, and with his head propped up and his legs apart he took hold of his dick and said, 'Let's both try for two in a row.' I hesitated but he was so firm about it. He said, 'Come over here. We can help each other out.' I walked the few steps to the bed and kind of froze. He pulled me down into the bed with him and started undoing my pants. It was so hot and felt so good I let him do it. He removed every shred of clothes off me, and was getting so excited from just doing that his dick was already having little spasms. I was ready to shoot another load by the time he pulled off my underpants. Then he just took my hand and put it on his balls. They were heavy and I squeezed enough to feel them in their sac. I squeezed a little too hard and he moaned, so I pulled my hand away but he put it right back again, and took hold of my dick. Then he let go and put his arms around me and pressed our bodies together and started to play with my hair with one hand and my ass with the other. I had never felt so good. He put his open mouth over my mouth. I put my arms around him and felt his back and hair. It was all over very quickly as we both came over each other between our pressed bodies, just from that. This was all within an hour of our checking into the room. If anything it got better over the next few days but this is getting too long.



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