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Secret Desire

Posted by: Age: 50 Posted on: 3 comments
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First time with a another man


I am not sure where this is coming from but I am having a strong desire to suck another man;s cock It might be from some of the stories I have read on solotouch but I am not sure. I have not truly been with another man. This morning I masturbated to my fantasy of giving another man a blow job. I have no desire to receive a blow job from a man or anything anal, just simply to give a young man (early 20;s) a mind blowing blow job.

My fantasy:

This morning I had time to myself which does not happen often enough. I was horny and started thinking of my fantasy. I keep seeing this young man in his early 20's very clean shaven, very and very well groomed at the local gym. After working out, I went in to get a shower and with luck my friend was in the shower. His cock was not massive but it was very nice and as he showered it became erect. I laughed saying no way a 50 year old man made him erect. I went about my day and headed to work. A few days later, he introduced himself as we were working out. His name was John and quickly became friends and worked out together often. I had to keep my desires a secret know one nows of my desire to please a man. I was jerking off regularly to him and my desire was getting very strong.

After a workout, we were both again in the shower. It was early morning and the place was empty and knew this could happen if I wasn't so scared. We made small talk about the NFL playoffs and were in agreement, we didn't want the Patriots to win Superbowl again. He had told me he did not have a girlfriend and had been single for while. I had noticed he had become erect again. As he turned around to rinse off I put a bunch of soap and water on my hands to create a wonderful lather. When he turned to face me, I told him I wanted to do something but he is to stop me if he was uncormfortable.

At this point, I stepped closer, reached my hand down and slid it up his cock. My heart was thumping in nervousness and anticipation. John did not back away but seemed a little stunned. I ran my hand down and back up his cock stopping this time to make small cirlces around his head. He let out a small sigh of pleasure and to my delight did not push me away. I kept stroking his cock slowly then fast changing pace to keep him from cumming. I took my other hand and began to massage his balls softly in my hand. John whispered this feels wonderful but he is confused as he is not gay. I assure him I am not gay but have a desire to bring pleasure to a guy. I then went further than I had planned, i got on my knees and slowly licked pre-cum from his head. I couldn't believe I was licking another man. I put his head in my mouth flicking it with my tongue and by the sounds coming from John he as enjoying my first blow job. He put his hands on the back of my head and is now controlling the pace as he pushes and pulls my head causing my mouth to go up and down his cock at the speed he desires. I cant take it and reach to my cock and I am jerking my own cock as I suck John's cock. I feel his balls tense up and he pulls my head off. I reach down to stroke his cock and he shoots a wonderful load of cum onto the shower floor. I finish myself and shoot cum right after he does. It was wonderful as I ever dreamed of having a young fresh cock in my mouth.

John thanked me but said again I am not gay so he doesn't think he can return the favor but he really enjoyed my blow job. I promised John, I had no expectation of him returning the favor. I told him I was not gay or even bi until now but found immense pleasure in sucking his cock. I let him know that if we are alone after workouts and that he was horny, i would be his toy and would suck him anytime he desired. I even told him that maybe some day he could meet my wife and I would love to watch hm fuck her that she would probably enjoy a younger man and a change of pace.

As this fantasy ran through my head, I stroked my cock this morning to a very plelasurable cum. nice way to start a day



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