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High School Base Ball

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Baseball season started recently


There is sort of a brief preface to this story.

Baseball season had just started my school. Before practice started, Alex and I walked down to our gym to get changed. I usually changed in the main locker room, but that day I followed him to where he normally got dressed for practice, a different changing room that wasn't used in the spring.

Because it is high school baseball, most of us wear sliding shorts and a cup along with them, and it's a good idea to do so, as we all have seen what can happen if you don't. Well I normally just pull on my sliding shorts over my boxers, because the main locker room is rather crowded, but because Alex was the only other guy in the room, I stripped down first. He didn't say anything about it to me, but I could tell he was 'checking what I had' when he thought I wasn't going to notice, but I did anyway. As I was getting dressed, he had only gotten all his stuff out, I guess he changes slower then I do. But by the time I had my sliding shorts on, he was just only taking his pants off. That day he had only brought a jock and cup, because those are easier to wear over boxers. But that day, maybe it was my bravery, but he stripped down also to put his cup on. As we were changing our conversation was mainly jokes about when people who weren't wearing cups wished they had (ie. Got hit). Well we got finished changing and Alex and I headed off to practice.

Practice was boring, and unfortunately the ground was wet and muddy and the balls I dove for in the outfield left me grimy. Afterwards (around 4:45) I realized that I couldn't get a ride home until 6pm, more then an hour later. Alex had overheard my conversation and offered to give me a ride home, I took it, and relayed the information to my parents.

Alex explained that he was getting picked up by his brother at 5:30, and we could hang out until he got there, of course I agreed. Usually I would just drive home or get picked up wearing my baseball uniform, but because of the wait, wearing the uniform just sitting around would become uncomfortable so Alex and I headed off to the changing room, where I started to strip back down to get into my street clothes. As I was taking off my uniform I realized that there was a shower room off to the back of the locker room we were in. I asked Alex if he would mind if I took a shower to clean off the mud I had on me, and he said 'go ahead, I don't mind, but I normally take one myself'.

I was kind of surprised to hear he did, but I was used to sharing showers, from the swim team, and told him that I wouldn't mind if he took one also. So it was settled, we both stripped down and headed to the showers. Again we had idle chat about school, sports and new shows on TV, while we waited for the water to get hot. But let me describe Alex for you, He is about 5' 11', almost 170lbs, lightly tanned, blond hair and blue-ish/green-ish eyes. I'm about 6', and weigh almost 175lbs; a little more light skinned then Alex, with light brown hair and golden-ish brown eyes.

Alex had taken the shower head across from me, and certainly wasn't shy about showing himself like other people can be. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't help but stealing a glance at Alex when he wasn't looking, and he had nothing to by shy of, he certainly looked well endowed.

The water was starting to get colder and Alex shut his off and left to towel off, and I stayed just a few minutes more to wash off all the soap. When I did step out, Alex was drying off his head and was sitting down on the bench. I walked naked over to my bag and rooted around for my towel I thought I had thrown in a few days ago, but it wasn't there. I asked Alex if I could borrow his to dry off, because if I didn't I would just have to air-dry. He laughed and said that I could get it 'in a sec', but he still would need his towel to finish drying off, but he would wait to finish for me to get a little bit.

I started to dry off my hair then face, and when I lowered the towel from my face, Alex was standing watching me. The second he saw I was looking he looked away, and I proceeded to dry off again. But this time when I looked back at Alex, he had his hand covering his crotch, and sported a very embarrassed face. From his look I could tell why, and I told him it was nothing and was probably just the cold air in the room, and that I didn't care. That quickly took away his embarrassment, but not his boner, which just continued to go up. Being the horny teen I am, mine started to go just after his, and soon we both had almost completely hard cocks. Alex just started to laugh and said

'Hah, well you got one too now!'

I responded with 'yeah, yeah so what' I started to cover up with my towel, but Alex stole it from me before I knew what was happening. He claimed 'that if I got nothing to hide with, you can't hide it'. I sat down on the closest bench to me and Alex quickly said:

'Well I've got to get rid of this some how', and proceeded to start to slowly rub his hand up and down his dick. 'Well, you just going to sit there?'

'Guess not', I responded and started to slowly jack off. I started to turn around, but Alex told me, that he'd already seen it; it was no big deal, so I bought it and faced him again, sat back down, and leaded against the wall.

After a few minutes Alex got up, continued to jack off, and moved towards me. He sat down about a foot down the bench and also leaned against the wall. He turned to me and said 'well I guess were about the same size, yeah?'

'Yeah, I guess'

'Dude, but how do you fit those ball in that cup!'

'Hah, not easily, it's not very comfortable.'

After a few more minutes, Alex started to breathe heavily and managed to say

'You getting close?'

'Yeah, kind of'

Just as I got the words 'kind of' out, a huge line of cum shot out from Alex and hit him smack in the face. This was followed by two more that landed by his chest and abs. He had flexed with the orgasm, and just after the third shot, he slumped against the wall, catching his breath. All he said was 'dude'.

Seconds after he came, he looked at me, grinned, and put his hand on my balls. Instantly, and caught off guard from the sensation, a huge like of cum shot over my head, landing on the wall, followed by another that hit me on top of my head, I then felt Alex lightly squeeze my balls, slowly increasing pressure. The third line hit me in the chest, as well as the fourth, as the pressure increased, I was in total ecstasy by the time I pushed out the fifth to land on my abs. As I looked over at Alex, he still had a grin on his face, and the last bit of cum weakly shot out twice. He slowly reduced the pressure on my nuts, and moved his hand back to his nuts.

'Dude that was insane' is all I managed to get out at the time, as I was still in shock

'Yeah, awesome huh?'

'Yeah', is all I managed.

I got up, and walked to Alex, offered my hand and helped him up, we walked to the shower a second time, and got cleaned up. We got dressed and sat outside near the rode, and waited for his ride. We talked about normal stuff, almost as if nothing had happened. So far, I've been changing in that locker room all the time.

More to come..



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